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Team Hippocampus' entry for Tyche's "It's Hot in Here!" August Challenge. 

As he is about to Apparate to find the Elder Wand, a fleeting thought changes the course of Severus' life.  Finding peace in Australia, he is disgruntled to find that Hermione Granger has infiltrated that peace.  Or is she really the peace that he has needed in his life?



Categories: Fanfiction;
Fandom : Harry Potter
Genre: Romance
Genre, Nonfiction : None
Other Languages: None
Warnings: Lemon-Lime Sexytime , Naughty Language, OOC
Challenges: Tyche's Monthly Challenge: (August 2012) ...It's Hot in Here!

Chapters: 8 Table of Contents Table of Contents
Series: None
Challenges: Tyche's Monthly Challenge: (August 2012) ...It's Hot in Here! ;
Word count: 24751;
Read Count: 1538;
Completed: Yes
Updated: Aug 31, 2012; Published: Aug 31, 2012
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