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“Bloody hell, Mum, there’s no one here. She was in there,” Marcus growled as he scrambled up and grabbed the tin with Floo-powder on the mantle. He ignored his mother's complaints that he was leaving grime everywhere and focussed on the issue at hand. “I mean Katie, you must have heard her. She was sobbing her eyes out.”
Christmas Day starts with a bang when Marcus goes on a wild goose chase to find Katie Bell after a very confusing Floo-call.
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Published: Dec 30, 2020 Updated: Dec 30, 2020
Story Notes:Although I did not tag this story with any warnings, it seems only fair to say the following about it without giving away too much. I got the inspiration to write this story from one of my heroes, Stephen King. I'm a big fan of all his work (more of his older works than the newer ones but I digress). This particular story is based on his "Sorry, Right Number that is featured in the short story collection 'Nightmares & Dreamscapes'.
If you're familiar with that short story, you'll know how this will end as I did not deviate from the formula. If you prefer to stick with the happy-go-lucky part of the story, do not turn to chapter 4.
Second note; I consider this an unofficial prequel to my one-shot All This Time, but you might have a different idea. Knowledge of the mentioned story is not necessary and if you don't turn to chapter 4, it wouldn't make any sense anyway.

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2. Chapter 2 by RosevalleyNB [Reviews - 0] (2491 words)

3. Chapter 3 by RosevalleyNB [Reviews - 0] (1974 words)

4. Chapter 4 by RosevalleyNB [Reviews - 0] (3603 words)

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