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With the S.P.R. family uniting once more, there are cases needing to be solved, things that were left unspoken to be said. And most of all - loose ends to be tied up. The Shibuya Psychic Research members must face what lies beyond.

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Warnings: Someone dies , Spoilers , Violence

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Published: Jan 26, 2014 Updated: Jan 27, 2014
Story Notes:

This is my first Ghost Hunt story, so please go easy on me! I hope you all enjoy reading it as I have writing it. One more thing - I do not own Ghost Hunt. It belongs to Fuyumi Ono.


Thanks for reading!



- Asphodel

1. Chapter One: Case 1 by Lady Asphodel [Reviews - 1] (5203 words)

Here's my first Ghost Hunt story! I hope you all enjoy!


Just to let you all know, the backgrounds of "Other Characters" are sensitive. There will be mentions of murder, suicide, sexual assault, depending on the characters. Please read with caution. I do not own Ghost Hunt -  Fuyumi Ono does.


Thanks for reading! I'll have the second chapter soon!



- Asphodel

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