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"Oh, don't be such a killjoy. Come on, just tell me. If you could die in a way of your own choosing, how do you want to do it? I'd like to die by a lake. At sunrise. In the winter, I think. Yes, in the winter, with two feet of snow all around me, and my fading breath clouding the air."
Categories: Fanfiction; Fandom : Harry Potter
Genre: Drama , One-shots , Romance
Genre, Nonfiction : None
Other Languages: None
Warnings: Naughty Language, Someone dies , Spoilers

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Chapters: 1; Completed: Yes
Word count: 14046 Read: 153
Published: Feb 22, 2013 Updated: Feb 22, 2013

1. The Spring Turnover by scumblackentropy [Reviews - 1] (14046 words)

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