Privacy Thing

 Privacy Thing

We don't share your info with anyone or require personal information.  This means this page needn't be.

We  place a few cookies to keep track of  preferences and such.  Delicious.

We require a valid email at registration.  It is needed if you want to receive author updates, reviews in your inbox, and other optional messaging.  Mods and members may contact you, though the email does not appear in your profile.   TMB does not currently send out newsletters, but may send out an occassional important notice, or mention of events like the Maypole. 

Any other information you submit is optional, public, and may be changed.  

You may browse the website anonymously but need to create an account for age verification in order to view M/MA content.

You are allowed multiple / shared accounts as long as they're not abused.

IP addresses and certain events may be logged, but are only visible to the webmaster, and only checked if needed.  Data sent to this website may be stored offline indefinitely.

Any real personal information sent for donations / ads placed are kept private. 

Ads shown on TMB do not include any malicious behavior as they are images or text, however we do not check the actual websites they link through to – if found to be dangerous they may be reported and blocked.  

Third-party widgets may be placed on the website.  There are skins without them.  If they behave maliciously report them.

The app currently includes third-party ads and mobile devices themselves are inherently insecure, we offer no guarantee for the app to be as secure as the website in this regard.

We do not censor members outside of the ToS and Rules, therefore what members post is not necessarily the opinion of TMB.  

Admins are volunteers; readers and writers like yourself, subject to weird human emotions and we cannot control how they behave with you outside of  TMB if you choose to get to know them better.

Spammers, upon suspension, may have their profiles changed without any warning for the amusement of the webmaster.
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