The age consent keeps popping up even though I clicked it.

Go into account info and under the preferences click the age consent button. Guests cannot view M / MA materials, you must be registered and then logged in to view adult content.

I forgot my password! Click here for information or to request a temporary login password. Lost Password

I want to change my id / email. Contact the mods via the email you signed up with to request an ID change. Because of the large number of members we may limit this to those who actually do stuff in their account.  If you sign in purely to look at naughtyness and get that damn Santa off your computer screen, then it would be faster to just make a new account.

You may go into your profile to change your own email and password.

I want to delete my account. Only the main admins can delete your account. If you never write or review then we ignore this, because signing up to read one story then asking us to go find and delete your account is going to be a hassle. If you only want to free up your email you can change that yourself. If you are a writer and feel the need to delete your account : Send the email from your signup / listed email. You must do this with a valid email that is listed in your profile, we won't delete it unless we can confirm exchanges to this email (because email addresses can be spoofed) or if the IP matches that in the database and signup.  We also won't ask you why / beg you to stay / etc. since it is your right to delete the account no questions asked, so don't feel bad if you were hoping for this.

Registration didn't work? Try getting a new temp password first. If it sent you one, this means you did register. Lost Password If not, ask the webmaster for one.

I just want to register but you're asking for some stupid second password you stupid prat. Go find the fat lady and you'll be rewarded. I hear she is a member at TMB.

What kinds of stories are allowed?

See our Submission Rules.

How do I contact the site administrators?

You can e-mail us via our contact form, or contact the individual mods via private messages, shoutbox, or their listed information.

How do I submit stories?

If you have not already done so, please register for an account. Once you've logged in, click on Account Information and choose Add Story. The form presented there will allow you to submit your story.

How do I join challenges ?

Contact the mod in charge of the month's challenge. Upload your story following the prompt. The stories get added by admins. To view entries go to the 'challenges' category and click on the title of the challenge you want. You may have multiple entries but only one that gets voted on for the contest. To vote on challenges go to the front page on the voting week and check the 'featured' for the entrants, then check the poll to vote.  Be sure to read the rules for each month's contest.

How do I put banners and images on my stories?

The best method is to get an account on a free image hosting website like Photobucket. To get it in the summary, paste the IMG code with html.

We allow images up to 800 px. Do keep in mind large banners in both pixels and bytes, and multiple images, can slow down the page or not load it. We may remove it too. That is not just for us, it is for your potential readers.  If you do not know how to save a graphic in a reasonable size format, maybe ask in the computer forum. Banners/images must be 'safe for kids'.

There is a brief tutorial in the resources dept. (check the front page to find this)


What are the ratings used on the site?

K, K+, T, M, MA

While the K ratings are technically safe for children, it is not recommended to let children online without supervision. You must join to view M / MA and be of legal age to view the latter. Checking the age consent box is the only verification we require - whatever is listed in the profile is not related to this.

How do I subscribe to get updates?

Click on Account Info - Edit Preferences - Contact when favorites are updated. This sends you an email for stories and authors that you follow. Make sure our emails don't get sent to your spam folder. There are a few providers known to block our domain, if you never get anything this may be the case. Choose a different email for your profile in edit bio.


How do I delete reviews?

Check under Account Info then Manage Stories.

What do I do about harassment / abuse / bullying from other members?

Report it or delete comments and ignore it (don't delete reviews if needed for proof).  Report any spammers before you delete their comments.

How do I report admins or moderators suspected of abuse?

The contact form goes to the main site admin. Please provide enough proof if making claims.

How do I report inappropriate content?

First make sure it isn't allowed, rather than just something you personally find offensive. There are links in stories and on profiles for reporting. Please provide proof in all claims.

How do I report plagiarism / copyrights etc.?

In most cases regarding copyright infringement the copyright holder should contact us to request this, unless it is explicitly stated they do not allow anything.

For stolen works we only need proof, from anyone. We need to know it's not just a prank before we remove the works, and sometimes members upload to other sites under different names. Stolen works are deleted.

I'm not getting emails from you even though I subscribed / contacted you.

First check if they went into your spam folder. Try adding our email / domain to your whitelists. There are a few other providers currently blocking our domain, you have to change the email in your profile if you want updates. If not, you can try to contact other mods or post in the shoutbox or forums to get assistance. Do not sign up to the forums with blacklisted emails, because your temp password is emailed to you. (If you did you may contact the admins to allow you to keep your name)

Why aren't you replying to my emails?

1. We never got it.

2. We replied and you never got it.  Check your spam first, then let us know if it's not there.  Make sure we are on your whitelist. Once in awhile it just glitches, we'll be glad to send the reply to you again if needed.

3. We read it but it didn't really request anything.  (if we get busy we may not reply to every 'thank you' or new ideas, but we do read it)

4. It was ..... weird.  Or we didn't know exactly what you were asking.  We'd try to clarify but that always results in more confusion.

5.  It was rude / trolling / spam.  Though certain mods might just reply.

What is the minimum joining age?

You must be at least 13 to have an account.  If reported for being under 13 you may get suspended. If reporting a member you need proof.

Can I put links to my other sites or to videos / fanart / ect. ?

You can put your site links in your bio. You can put relevant links in chapters (for example, if a fan made a video or drawing for the story) Please go to the forums for anything else.

Can I change the skins ?

Skins are going to be added in 'account info' then change them under preferences. (there is an error if you want to get the default skin, you need to clear your cookies once you choose it, or choose it via the 'skin changer' on the index)

Is there a mobile site / app ?

You can now download a TMB app! There is a skin designed just for portable devices, 'mb_mobile_light', and the skin 'milkdrop' is also low on graphics. You can get to it from the mobile phone icon, the homepage, the skin changer, or in your account under edit preferences.  You need to be logged in to do this.  The pages containing the stories should display on most phones. TMB is not mobile-first due to it being clunky, ugly, uncreative, and it does promote unhealthy wireless damaging humans / environments and privacy concerns too numerous to mention if you've got a 'smart' phone.

Can I change the font sizes/ text colors / background colors ?

On every page with stories you can change them, if it is not appearing / working you may need to allow javascript.  There are a few skins with large texts too.

I want to become a mod / help out.

We need more mods so send us an inquiry. You need to be a bit literate and neutral with a ph of 7 to be considered.

Why was my story deleted?

Typically only stories that were copyright-threatened or thought to be stolen are deleted.  Once in awhile, new moderators let something by that is against the rules too.

Why do my stories get declined?!

While TMB is a relaxed writing community, we do need standards that keep the majority of readers happy. Typically this means we look for intermediate or above writing skill so that readers needn't wade through hundreds of submissions to find what they want - we believe if you were declined for this you can bring it up to standard with a good beta and a little practice. We may also decline based on content.

We don't like censorship and acknowledge that writing a story is not legally on par with doing the actual deed in reality (murder novels anyone?) but if it is probably going to offend most of even the rather liberal readers, perhaps not posting it here would be a better choice. The main ones are erotic pedophilia with characters under 13, 'real' bestiality, and explicit pointless violence / gore.  Trollfics are allowed if they follow the rules.

Other possibilities :  fandoms known to be sued from copyright nazis, poorly researched nonfiction submitted to anything other than editorials, lazy comics.

You can ask a mod for clarification if you are not sure. If you think any mod unfairly declines you, you may also report them.

How do I join the Maple Board?

It is only by request.  Send the admins a message from your tmb account, then start posting with your TMB account name / password.  Any problems, let us know.

Can I place an advertisement on TMB ?

There are two methods of ads on TMB.  One is through another website where you place bids with your own banners that appear in different places and skins throughout the website.   They only appear to a certain percentage of our visitors, as they can be adblocked (we appreciate if you allow them though!) The other is a custom ad that is coded in by the admin and appears to everyone who views that skin.  We can also design your custom ad to match the skin if it is to appear in a more prominent place - we may actually require this.  Prices vary for the second type but it gets the most views and clicks.   Contact us to get pricing or just join up the ad site and start bidding.

We do not allow ads that include bad links, explicit sex / violence, but they may appear if bidders fill out their info incorrectly.  Please report the content of the ad and we'll check it, remove it, and possibly report it.

Can I have my website listed as an affiliate ?

We trade links with other writing communities.  Contact a mod to check out your website and make sure you can list TMB.  We probably won't be adding personal websites and websites that don't really have anything to do with literature, so don't even ask unless you have thick skin.

Can I have a free website hosted by TMB ?

The free subdomain offer is for those who know Schuetzi or help the website.

How do I list my ebook ?

Go read the rules then upload it like a regular story.

The banners / resolution / layouts always look weird.

They look beautiful on my 1280 width res ..... but really 800 is the minimum you need to make it look decent if you want to have nice banners and graphics.  Unless of course you meant the Santa banner.  It is supposed to look weird. Skins don't always look good on phones or tablets, so we made the mobile skins and basic skins.

The navigation confuses my brain!

Try the skin called 'milkdrop' or 'tmb light' from our front page too, if you need a more basic layout to get started.

Could you list the characters or pairings?

Since we do allow other fandoms / original works, it'd be too difficult to try and list all that might be there. We encourage authors to list the pairings in the story so that members can search for it and be aware of it before they read. (characters are due to be added in the major website overhaul)

Where is my fandom, dammit?

Send the message to get it listed. Certain fandoms are more likely to be approved - 'geeky' ones - literature, fantasy, sci-fi, anime, games.

Why are there cats everywhere?

Because the internet is made of cats. Look it up if you don't believe me.

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