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Hi! I'm 30 (yeah, I know) and I love to read and write fanfic although I have never actually (yet) posted anything I've written. My main goal is to finish some of the writing I've started :P

I am fairly new to the Harry Potter: Dramione ship and I enjoy reading that category most of all.

I also ship the following:

Fallout New Vegas Courier/Silus, (some Courier/Benny if done in a specific way) Courier/Boone.

Skyrim Dovahkiin/Brynjolf, Dovahkiin/Farkas.

Dragon Age:Origins F!Hero/Cullen, F!Hero/Alistair.

Dragon Age II Hawke/Cullen, Hawke/Keran, Hawke/Fenris.

Syfy Alice Alice/Hatter.

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter (early-based stories only, nothing after Obsidian Butterfly!) Anita/Edward.

Silent Hill Revelations (movie) Sharon/Vincent.


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