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Hey, I'm CaramelM0cha. 

I can also be found as xXSilverStoneXx on

I write Dramione fanfiction for the most part.

I am open to one-shot requests, but there are no guarantees that I will use them, sorry :)

By the way, I am a student writer. Aka a mistake-maker. Aka not always proofread twenty million times. Sorry.

Reviews are greatly appreciated because how else would I become a better writer? Certainly not by working on two stories at the same time and attempting to upload once a week... Never...


Stories by CaramelM0cha

When Hermione goes back to school all sexified and gorgeous, many people's opinions of her change. Granger, the innocent girl with the bushy hair? Nonexistent. In her place is a confident, mature eighteen-year old. What does our favorite blonde Slytherin have to do with it? Everything.

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New Blood by CaramelM0cha Rated: T [Reviews - 5]

When Skye enters high school, she becomes ensnared in a war between a group involving her sister and a group with sexy, oddly captivating Asher that Skye's liked for forever. How is someone supposed to choose a side when they don't know what they're fighting over? And how can someone decide between family and love? Skye tries to ascend the social pyramid of high school, but that's pretty difficult when you're competing against vampires and various other creatures--and the latter includes her older, spray-tan obsessed, popular older sister. She tries to stay close to her sister--or as close as an airhead and a straight-A high schooler can get--and, at the same time, get closer to Asher, the beautiful guy who is absolutely out of her league. Plus, he's in love with her sister. Some things she does right, some things get way out of whack (crazy high school parties, anyone?), and some things get so confusing that Skye can't tell up from down, black from white, right from wrong. 

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Genre: Romance
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