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We are A New Breed of Crazy.

LadyStiff and Stronghermione have joined forces to showcase our collaborations, and we are a one-stop shop for each of our own individual submissions as well - please check them out, we love reviews! And wine, we also love wine...

So how did we get lucky enough to find each other?

Our partnership came about through The Maple Bookshelf's August Challenge in which we were provided with a selection of prompts and randomly paired by the fantabulous Tychesong, joining with artist Roo to form Team Gryphon. The task: Write a fic in conjunction with at least one other writer, and and/or artist! The more who enter the merrier, and more exciting the fics will be!

Of the six prompts, we selected: "Holding her breath, she hid in the closet, and desperately hoped that just this once fate would cut her a break." The result - 'Nothing Could Be Better'. This is a story about two people witnessing a moment they never should have seen and what happens as a result. The pairing is Hermione Granger / James Potter. It can be read by clicking on the favourites list below. Better yet, head on over to The Maple Bookshelf and check out all the wonderful submissions there. Read, review, post and shout with us in the box - everyone is welcome and everyone is super-friendly.

So how does this exactly work?

Our writing styles are similar, yet different and we somehow manage to blend seamlessly. Generally, each of us will take a section of a story plotted together, or prompted from a challenge, and write it before swapping, proofing, polishing, tweaking, suggesting scenarios and tying it all together before we read it once more and post it for your consumption. Your challenge - to work out which of us wrote which part!

Yet we keep our individuality and are great cheerleaders and betas to each other for our own work. Many a time one of us has been stuck and the other has been able to provide motivation and a suggestion to move forward.

So between study commitments, work commitments and a hefty time difference between our locations (South Africa and Australia), we are A New Breed of Crazy, and we invite you into our car-azy world - grab a glass and have a ball!

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