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I started in HP stating that I would never watch or read the story. I was determined that I was not going to become part of the fad. Even though I loved magic and reading, I was determined to not be a part of it. My resolution to not be a part of it sank when a friend of mine had the first movie playing at her house during the week leading up to her wedding. I kept watching as I walked back and forth and finally sat down to watch it. I could not stop watching it, I was hooked. I remember asking the person next to me about Professor Snape (he had just been bothering Harry), I asked, "Is he a good guy or a bad guy?" and the person next to me responded I do not know. It is strange that it took 7 books to get the answer to my question all those years ago.


I got home the following week from her house and found someone who had the first 3 books, and I read them in a day and half. I was out of work due to surgery on my arm, so I plowed right through them. Thankfully, I only had a little over a month to wait for the 4th book, and during that time I found a few other friends who were HP fans. We were nicknamed "The Harry Potter Trio" and it stuck. I kept the name for all of my logins and for the story that I started, "Midnight Velvet", (with my friends) and posted on and Due to all three of us eventually being in school, working, and moving away, the story only was only through 3 chapters. 6 are pretty much done, and it is fully outlined and mostly written thru 23 or 24, I don't remember now. For now, it is on hold.


Somewhere along the way, I wanted to read more HP stuff and I stumbled on HP ff, and the rest they say is history. I have been reading HP fanfiction for over 10 years now. Unfortunately, I never reviewed stories, so I have lost a great deal of ones that I have read over the years. I am currently in process of saving a bunch to my computer so that I have them in the future.


I gave up reading fanfiction for a while during the time that my mother was sick and had died. I stayed away for over a year, but I was drawn back by my favorites that I missed reading all of the time, AnneM's - Arrogance and Ignorance, Zephyr's - Be Careful What You Wish, What a Witch Needs by Petalsoft, most of the stories written by Bambu, St Margarets, (Phoenix Song), LadyOfTheMasque, and many others.


I am so glad to be here and be able to read all of these wonderful stories. I am also very happy that Schuetzi is giving me a chance to be an Admin on this wonderful site!!!!


I am so excited!!!!


Happy Reading



HP Likes and Dislikes

Likes: happy endings, open to most ideas

Dislikes: Not a fan of the ending. I don't care for Ron stories. I really don't like to see him really aggressive or with a lot of Ron bashing.



Yes: Hermione mostly, although occasionally I will read Luna or Ginny. My favorite characters with her are Severus, Draco , Lucius. Although I will read most any characters with her, Weasleys are fine for the most part. Multi-parings are fine.

No: Voldemort, any creatures, prefer not Harry or Ron (although I have read some good ones with them in it before).


Favorite HP sites:

Ashwinder, Granger Enchanted, Malfoy Manor, Phoenix Song, The Maple Bookshelf, The Petulant Poetess, When I Kissed The Teacher (and others that are no longer with us)


Favorite HP Authors:

AnneM, Bambu, Blue Artemis, Camillo, jamies_lady, LadyOfTheMasque, lady_rhian, minervasrevenge, Savva, southern_witch_69, St Margarets, Thalassa, Zephyr… And so very many others. It is rare that I read a story that I don't like. Although I tend to stick to the happier ones.


Regular Likes and Dislikes:

Likes: HP, reading, kitties, scrapbooking, genealogy, travel - been to 30 some odd states and less than 10 countries, but more than 5, my iced tea, music - I have over 6000 songs on my iPod as well as over 50 audio books and a ton of podcasts.

Dislikes: Work, coffee, homework ( always putting it off to read ff or do other things), cold weather


Favorite regular Authors:

Agatha Christie, J K Rowling (HP), Jean Johnson (LadyOfTheMasque, Sons of Destiny Series), Lillian Jackson Braun (The Cat Who… series), Mary Higgins Clark.


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