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Mother, educator, fan of the Harry Potter series and Lord of the Rings. Avid reader of mostly romantic novels but sometimes science fiction and political thrillers sneak in. Hate to cook but enjoy playing at 'handyman' around my condo. First language, spanish.

Music is very important in my life. Favourite spanish-speaking singer: Ricardo Arjona. One of his songs inspired my one and only fic. English-speaking singer? Too many to mention.

Disappointed with how the Harry Potter series ended, fandom helped me to get over it by exploring what if... and it has been a blast! Favourite Harry Potter characters? Hermione, Luna, Harry, Neville. Draco intrigues me. I have met wonderful, smart, funny and caring people in this vast universe that is fandom. One of my favourite Harry Potter fandom authors is here: AnneM.

I'm really happy there are so many types of fics to enjoy in TMB. First site I feel very much at home. For the first time I'm reading original stories (jamies_lady is one of my favourites) Good luck with the site!

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