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It seems not everyone has learned a lesson from the War. Instead of taking time to relax, look around and enjoy their freedom. There has been a big rush from the war generation to marry and settle down. Many of these marriages will last while some won’t. This is drama and this is Dramione. T
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Genre: Drama , Romance
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Warnings: Infidelity , Lemon-Lime Sexytime , Naughty Language, Nonconsensual , Not Canon , OOC, Violence

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Published: Jul 09, 2014 * Updated: Apr 29, 2015

Story Notes:All things Harry Potter belong to JKR. Nothing but the story line belongs to me.

Rated T for language, subject matter some may find offensive and romantic interludes which will mostly appear down the road.

1. Hermione's Journal by divess [Reviews - 2] (5117 words)

2. Fighting Over Malfoy by divess [Reviews - 2] (6707 words)

3. How's That For Irony by divess [Reviews - 2] (5430 words)

4. Let's Give Them Something To Talk About by divess [Reviews - 3] (5361 words)
*Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About by Bonnie Raitt. I own nothing but it fits right into Draco‘s dream. Thank you Bonnie Raitt. Love you girl.

5. Friday by divess [Reviews - 2] (5799 words)

6. A Matter Of Timing by divess [Reviews - 2] (5552 words)
Rated a strong T for subject matter some may find offensive.

7. Milestones by divess [Reviews - 1] (6684 words)

8. The Never Ending Story by divess [Reviews - 1] (5791 words)
Two new main OC’s being introduced this chapter.

9. Falling Apart But Coming Together by divess [Reviews - 1] (4728 words)
One day,
Someone will walk into your life
And make you see why it never
Worked out with anyone else.

10. Wrenches In The Works by divess [Reviews - 1] (5075 words)

11. One Thing After Another by divess [Reviews - 1] (5281 words)
I thought I would post another chapter to move the story along. I know everyone is waiting for Dramione. As am I. The wait is almost over.

12. Free To Be You And Me by divess [Reviews - 1] (7458 words)
Long chapter. I hope you don’t find it boring.

13. Sir Knight by divess [Reviews - 1] (5187 words)
All things Harry Potter belong to JKR. Nothing but the story line belongs to me. Rated T for language and subject matter some may find offensive.

14. People Will Be Talking by divess [Reviews - 1] (5897 words)

15. Meetings by divess [Reviews - 1] (5017 words)
** In this chapter I used the first name Eric for Stebbins of Hufflepuff. JKR never had him down with a first name and I like the name Eric. If you think back, Stebbins is the Hufflepuff from whom Severus Snape deducted ten points at the Yule Ball.

16. One At A Time by divess [Reviews - 1] (5421 words)

17. It's My Life by divess [Reviews - 1] (5350 words)

18. If You Are Sure by divess [Reviews - 1] (5867 words)

19. Felicia Smiles by divess [Reviews - 0] (5111 words)

20. Misunderstandings by divess [Reviews - 0] (6112 words)

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