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He said he was sorry and he was. He really was. (Written for eterna-romantica03 for TMB's carrot reward May 2014)


Categories: Fanfiction; Fandom : Harry Potter
Genre: General, Romance, Young adults
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Challenges: None; Series: The Maple Bookshelf's Challenges and Carrots
Chapters: 2; Completed: Yes
Word count: 4503 Read: 623
Published: Jun 24, 2014 * Updated: Jul 11, 2014

Story Notes:All characters and canon situations belong to JK Rowling and Warner Brothers and I make no money from the writing or publishing of this story.

1. Part One - The Truth by AnneM [Reviews - 5] (2526 words)
Written for eterna-romantica03 for winning the carrot prize for the month of May, 2014. This will be a story with two parts. I hope you all like it.

2. Part 2 - The Apology by AnneM [Reviews - 2] (1977 words)

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