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At the request of her daughter, single mother Hermione leaves out the obligatory milk and biscuits for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve, even though she knows he doesn’t exist. Imagine her surprise when a man with white hair and a red robe comes through the chimney on Christmas Eve. Good thing she decided to fall asleep with the fireplace poker in her hand. (Written for Mizsphinx for GE's Secret Santa's Gift Exchange Dec 2011) 


Published 12/22/2011

Categories: Fanfiction;
Fandom : Harry Potter
Genre: Humour, One-shots , Romance
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Series: A Merry Granger Christmas
Chapters: 2;
Completed: Yes
Word count: 6165
Read: 746
Published: Aug 12, 2012 * Updated: Nov 27, 2014

Story Notes:

Disclaimer – All characters and canon situations belong to JK Rowling and I make no money from the writing or publishing of this story. Thank You.


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2. Chapter 1 by AnneM [Reviews - 1] (6138 words)

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