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Hermione sat alone in a restaurant, amidst a sea of ‘happily ever after’ couples and she realized her date wasn’t coming. She was being stood up on Valentine’s Day. She wiped away the ruby red lipstick she wore especially for this occasion and pondered a cold, hard fact... she wanted to be in love.

Draco noticed her the moment he stepped into the restaurant. He always knew where she was. It was as if his heart was imbedded with a compass and she was his constant North. Her lips still wore the stain of ruby red lipstick. Her eyes were bright as they looked up at him longingly... well, a man could dream.



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Published: May 16, 2012 * Updated: May 16, 2012

Story Notes:

All characters belong to JKRowling and Warner Brothers and I make no money from the writing or publishing of this story. Thanks!

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