TMB gifts

Want to help out TMB and get a bonus gift too?

Send us a gift of at least $10 if you are in the USA, and if you want you can choose an official TMB bookmark as a thank-you (courtesy of Katzerl's crafts dept.)  One additional item per every $5 if you want.  See below for info regarding international shipping.

Nice little items.  They dangle.

The USPS decided to double international shipping.  It was nearly $8 to ship to Canada up from about $3, and shipping to other continents would be more - if a member only ordered one, we would lose the cost of the Paypal fee, bubble mailer, and bookmarks.   Please add $5 padding for Canada and Mexico, and $10 padding for international.

If you want to help without sending $, you could allow the banner ads in your browser and click any that catch your fancy - they're nothing annoying like popups or dangerous like flash - and they mostly come from other small site owners like artists, crafters, and authors.

Place advertisements to your websites - going rate is a few pennies / day! We also consider built-in skinned ads.

You may also send a Paypal gift of any amount if you want.  Anyone who sends at least $5 is made a bonus member with access to special skins.

Emails now go straight to K's too for the orders & if you need bookmarks you must tick the little address box.  New ones are not in yet, but I think there's a  few cat ones.

Pictures in books are of ones that already went to good homes.


I'd also like to recommend the cat books shown in the pictures, plus one other.




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