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Getting around TMB

Most of your preferences are modified through the account panel, which you can get to from the bar at the top of the page.

edit preferences is where you can decide if you want to get emails about reviews, get contacted when favorites update, and choose your skins. You must click the 'age consent' button if you are of legal age and would like to stop getting the confirmation dialog for every M / MA writing. You must be registered to view teen / adult material and review or follow and to keep the skins as default.

You can bookmark a story if you just want to read it later but not add it to your favorites or get updates via email.  You can also tick works as 'read/unread' and view a list of them in the account.   Selections appear under stories when reading and browsing too.


To browse you can do it from the homepage, the menu, or for a list of everything check out the site map.


Most of the questions we get are in the help pages.


Uploading stories


Any member can upload their works. 


Read our rules to get an idea of what is allowed.


Check out the beta and cheerleader sections on the homepage.



Members need to log in to keep their skin prefs.  If you are on a phone, you need to allow its cookies.  To read easier on a mobile device, click the little phone icon in the left corner.

If you need a less 'confusing' skin, try milkdrop.

Bonus members and website helpers are given access to bonus skins and the holiday skins year-round (other than the first ones).

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