Reviewer: roon0 (Signed) · Date: Jul 21, 2014 01:35 AM · On: Part 2 - The Apology

That was lovely.

Reviewer: roon0 (Signed) · Date: Jul 21, 2014 01:06 AM · On: Part One - The Truth

Oh deary me Harry got into a right royal pickle.

Reviewer: Maryam99 (Signed) · Date: Jul 12, 2014 05:52 AM · On: Part One - The Truth

I opened all of your Dramiones (I'm only interested in Draco and Hermione fanfiction) which had more than 10 chapters (I like long fics) and compared them with your account in FanFiction. I realized that only one story is here which isn't on FanFiction. I'd be delighted if you'd post them on FanFiction too. The story is: "Pictures of a Life".
I also wasn't sure that if "The List" was a Dramione or not.

Author's Response: Actually, Pink Roses isn't on fanfiction, but it's a multi romantic fic. The completed version of Rules of Engagement, which is a Dramione, is on here, and my newest one, The Secret Bride (also a Dramione) is only here. I will keep my commitment to this site (or my promise, rather) and post everything here first, and then later on fanfiction. You are more than welcome to read here, of course, which I would be very happy about. The List is a multi-pairing story like Pink Roses. Thanks a lot!

Reviewer: Maryam99 (Signed) · Date: Jul 12, 2014 04:43 AM · On: Part One - The Truth

Please, please, please come back to FanFiction. I LOVE your stories. Please post your stories there, too. I know you are angry with the readers, I don't know what we have done. But your stories are great and you should post them somewhere that more people can see them. Why don't you post it both here and there? Wouldn't that be great? My ID is Maryam99 and I would be glad if you answered in a PM or something. You are an amazing author.

Author's Response: If you read chapter 6 (I believe) of Rules of Engagement, I wrote why I left there. I have been slowly coming back.But please feel free to come here and read as well. This site was made for those of us who were having trouble other places, and they have been so incredibly good to me, that I will continue to post my stories here first, then maybe a year or so later on Fanfiction, and probably never again on Granger Enchanted. And you're an amazing reader, I'm sure, and believe me, I wasn't angry with ALL of the readers, but a few were so terrible that I didn't want to put myself through the pain and heartache of posting there. I'm slightly over it now, so that's why I'm beginning to post there again. Thanks!

Reviewer: eterna-romantica03 (Signed) · Date: Jul 11, 2014 06:49 PM · On: Part 2 - The Apology

Thank you very much for the smile on my face and for making Harry and Luna come together in such beautiful way.

Reviewer: jamies_lady (Signed) · Date: Jun 25, 2014 01:55 AM · On: Part One - The Truth


Author's Response: You're so sweet!

Reviewer: eterna-romantica03 (Signed) · Date: Jun 24, 2014 09:04 PM · On: Part One - The Truth

I find that at times, 'thank you' is not enough or means little in comparison to what one feels. The fact that you took the time out of your extremely busy schedule to gift me with this wonderful story adds to my gratitude. I started reading and knew after just three or four words that I'd love this fic. I smiled for a little while as Hermione admonished Harry. I could hear her talk as if she were right beside me. My heart went to Luna as she heard and misunderstood Harry's words. I can't wait for the apology.

Harry and Luna are seldom explored in fandom. After Hermione, I truly believe Luna would have been the perfect partner for Harry so thank you again for satisfying my craving for more Luna/Harry fics.


Author's Response: I'm smiling right now. The rest of the story is complete, just need to type it up!

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