some things

  • To join our fair lodge, we ask that you seek The Fat Lady in order to obtain a secret password.  Upon completion of this noble task, a login password shall be sent to thine email.  

  • We can't answer yahoo / aol emails, and you cannot get your password through it.  They think we are spam. Ironic coming from them since they have always allowed malware ads on their homepage and handed over emails to the government without a warrant. 

  • Yes, members are allowed to dump their archives here.  Text is miniscule in regards to storage.   Have an intense skim over the submission rules and take comfort in the fact that all stories are automatically approved because I am lazy.  


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Important News Thing

Greetings, cupcakes.  I am most pleased to announce that here at TMB we have been persuaded to convert our evil ways of heathanism and cat worship and find true religion.  Your glorious leader has finally seen the error of his her its they're way and has pledged to phase out all wickedness that plagues this website and make it a haven of righteousness.  Cat worshipping, promotion of witchcraft, WRITING ABOUT SMUT, and pushing the gay agenda is just unacceptable behavior!

As such and in compliance with my indoctrination / voluntary apprenticeship and until proven satisfactory to the congregation, I must soon implement the following new rules :

No witchcraft.  HP is evil and the spells are real.

No Pokemon.  They are oriental demons.

No Warrior Cats.  Talking cats are not real, cats are witches, promotes anarchy

No sex.  You can imply a married man and woman had a baby through sex.

No gay.  Teh gays are evil as bad as murderes and do it just to bother straight white people.

No other religions.  Unless portrayed as evil.

Writing about murder and violence is fine.   Preferred even 


It is our hope that you all can cleanse the evil from yourselves in opposition to this Pagan holiday of Halloween that is converting our children to witchcraft. 


In other news, this happened :




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Welcome to TMB

Feel free to upload what you like and participate in secret cat worship if you can find it.

We don't have grammar standards but we do gots sweet potaters ratings.

Fact of the day :  TMB for writers was going to be called 'Literati' but they told me that was stupid. 

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We are under new management. Upload as you like! We no longer reject works due to level, or check out new authors.

Please look over the new rules. Thanks!

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Behold, May Day. Go plant a maple tree while you ditch wage slavery and then nap in the sun.

TMB has an app now because ppl kept asking, then creepin' with a tablet.

TMB app - click to download.

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Spring '15


Spring Tonic Challenge

You can earn points this round.

You can get this prize : One-shot by AnneM

Send us a message to join or ask questions.

Due April 15.


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It is coming

It is coming.  The long, cold winter. Instead of our toasty Kachelofen bedecked in ornately designed tiles, with its radiant warmth to lull one into a comforting nap, one must make do with its modern counterpart : the space heater.  

Ah, you wretched things, I am but most familiar with your planned obsolescence -- your coils give out long before the winter cold even thinks to do likewise.  One is only lulled into slumber by the fumes of petro-chemicals, rather than the gentle warm tiles to their back and grinding of the old phonograph.  One is awakened daily with intense headaches.  It should not be so!   Alas, it is not from the poor humidity.  (Botanists are oft known to keep a check on the hygrometer.)   That reminds me; tell Fritz that the cat has eaten the neanthe bella again. 

The All Hallow's Eve contest has been completed, and the winner is now enjoying their works featured for the coming weeks.  They've taken their place listed among the previous challenge winners and holders of the gold and silver Maple Kittens.    I am unsure what the significance of the family felidae holds to this place, I feel I must proceed with caution. 

Der Weihnachtsmann kommt.  I can sense his presence.  A letter has arrived from him, stating his eagerness to offer his services to our members once again this Christmas.  I am not one to go against such a man, lest he ambush me from the phonograph.  How does he fit inside of it, one can only guess, and they say he is beloved by children?  Well, seasoned members, you understand me.   Please, do send him your Christmas letters and he is to provide you with a reply.  Visit this and listen to his recorded message, then click on the mailbox to send your letter, or send it to santa(at)themaplebookshelf(dot)com. 

In regards to your mentions of other festivities, we are not likely to provide the Secret Santa.  The holiday skins have been made available to you.  If you should have other ideas, feel free to contact us. 

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Hello, Fall dumplings.  The Halloween skin is back for non-paid members. 


black cat nomming from pot

 In honor of Fall, here is a black kitty eating from a pot. 


There is a monthly (2 months) challenge up now.  It is Halloween.  The rules are now inserted into the link. 

  1. Entry #1 - His First Real Halloween - winner

  2. Entry #2 - Two Little Pumpkins


There are two new admins.  You can find current admins by clicking on the site map link at the bottom of pages. 

Rainbow kittehs are just born.  (Don't click if you can't look at flashy colors. ) {#emotions_dlg.eek}

Posted by: Schuetzi on Sep 04, 2014 01:40 PM(1 Comments)

Firstly there were probs with not having admins now.  Tyche is your only admin.  Tyche is busy.    I believe it has something to do with a vintage nursery full of fluffy fat kittens in bonnets and bows.  If I was busy that's totes where I'd be.

The rainbow kittens have not been forgot. 

We'll need to get a few donations for the Fall / Winter period. 

The Maple Boards are blocked.  The spammers find us via them, eating bandwidth. 

No HP lists of pairings.  See #1 for details.   Sorry cupcakes. 




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June Stuff '14

eterna-romantica gets to harvest this month's carrot.  The prize is a banner & story from AnneM

If we do another carrot, we need a prize first. 

New fandoms and original stories uploaded for a silver kitten are in 'featured' - go look. 

Silver / rainbow shinies are going to be made soon. 

There is a 3-way-tie for the rainbows.  AnneM, jamies_lady, and MiHnn get them.

Kittens come this year as silver medallions, inspired by the Isle of Man cat crowns.  Most silver coins and medallions are not pure silver but alloys, of which the actual composites can vary by type. Not only that but the medallions often gain a characteristic patina.  Therefore each is unique in tone.  Just like you.


Silver Kittens Roster   Surprised


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Happy Commemoration of your Spawning, TMB



Happy Birthday TMB!!!! The Maple Bookshelf is turning 2 this month!!!!!!   Everyone gets to help celebrate this wonderful site and all that it has done for all of us. May TMB enjoy the month long celebration in honor of a wonderful place for all of us to read our favorite stories and interact with each other.


This month we are bringing back a favorite - the Carrot Challenge. The rules are a little different than then they have been previously. For the month of May, each person who reaches at least 30 reviews during the month of May - they will get a Silver Kitty and be entered to win this month's prize – a one-shot / banner combo by AnneM, who also has agreed to promote the carrot (I don't think most members know it is there actually) and participate in the reviews without prizes.

Schuetzi is hosting the Monthly challenge this month. Writers are encouraged to write a story that will be able to be put in a fandom / category that does not have any other uploads in it yet. If you participate, you will earn a shiny silver kitty badge. Uploading the most will earn you a rainbow kitty. The story can be something that you have already created or something new that you have written for the occasion. Extra kudos if you are able to incorporate a KITTY into the story.  

Silver kitten badges are said " to yield great power just like their golden brethren, such as being able to allow one to devour 100 additional calories in the summer months without gaining pounds, or helping writers to hold shinies in higher-than-normal shiny regard."   Silver kitten badges are displayed with goldies from our last Maypole in the winners section, with a link to the member's profile.

There is also going to be a review / author interview for the Maypole.


There is a new section in the boards that is a listing for Harry Potter Pairings, due to the fact that there are none listed on the stories themselves yet HP is the largest fandom here at TMB. This is a listing of some of the favorite parings that are within the Harry Potter world. The lists are pretty bare, feel free to post stories under the correct category and they will be added to the listing. If there is a pairing that you would like to see that is not there let the Mods know and we will be glad to add it to the list. To join the Maple Board just email us.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to those who have donated before. It is appreciated very much. We got enough from the last round to go through summer. For people who are new to donating they will become a Goldstar Member with extra bonus skins available to them. They will have the satisfaction of helping a wonderful site continue. There is a kitty credit card to select if you are able to donate to the site. It is on the left side of the screen in the community section. Doing this in May also earns a silver kitty.

Happy Birthday again to The Maple Bookshelf. I know that I have found a wonderful place that I consider home. I hope that many others of you feel the same way.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  


Silver Kittens Roster   Surprised

(let us know, if we missed your entry)

GryffindorWitch, for submitting to the Maypole.

AnneM, for the monthly carrot story.

AnneM, for uploading to new fandom.

Eterna-Romantica, for carrot completion.

jamies_lady, for carrot completion.

Mihnn, for uploading to a new fandom.

Mihnn, for uploading to new fandom.

Annem, for sending payment.

jamies_lady, for uploading original.

jamies_lady, for uploading original.

Mihnn, for uploading to new fandom.

gryffindorwitch, for completing the monthly carrot.

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Plot Dump

Plot bunnies may be posted and adopted by anyone here.

This replaces the Maple Board topic.


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March 2014

I don't think there is anything to report this month so here is an Espurr.




The only announcement for the month:


There was only one entrant for the February 2014 Challenge Nathaniel Cardeu with the story of Flowers in Flight. It is a wonderfully sappy story that makes me squeee. It is in the most recent postings, and will be in the Featured Stories for the month.


Spring Tonic is March's Story Challenge. Click on the link for full details about the challenge.



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February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day to those who celebrate it, otherwise Happy February to you.

A warm welcome to all of our new members, as well as our members who have been here longer. Pull up a chair and sit for a while. There are a number of wonderful stories in any number of fandoms. You can bookmark your favorite stories, if you are unable to finish them all in one sitting, or you can mark them so that you remember to read them in the future. Make sure to review the stories that you read, so that the author knows that you have read them. Don't forget to say hello in the Shout Box or on the Maple Boards.

We have made it over 600 stories at this point. What a wonderful collection of stories and authors that we have here to read. Our numbers of members are almost 3200 members. We are growing by leaps and bounds. How exciting!

February Announcements:

Monthly Challenge

I am hosting my first ever challenge this month. Your challenge is to write a story that is the ultimate in sappiness. It can be any paring, any fandom, or any number of people. Use any or all of the challenge prompts that are provided. Click the "Click to enter" for full rules for the challenge. Have fun with the challenge and be creative with it. If anyone is willing to do a banner for the challenge winner contact me and let me know.


There are three entrants in the January Monthly Challenge.

Winner : Fairies Don't Drink from Teacups

In search of the Nyan

The Life of a Hummel.

They can be found in the Featured Stories Section on the main page. Don't forget to read them. Reviews are welcome.


Carrot Challenge

Eterna-romantica03 won the Carrot Challenge for the month of January. Her prize has been given by Anne. Congratulations to eterna-romantica03 on winning the Carrot Challenge again. If anyone is interested in volunteering a prize for the Carrot Challenge winners, in the future, please contact Quilter.



There is going to be some changes with the carrot challenge this month. It has been going on for quite a while and unfortunately, there seems to be a lack of participation. The decision has been made to hold off on the carrot challenge for the time being. It is not going away for good, just for the time being.


HP FanFic Fan Poll Awards - Fall-Winder Round 2013

Congratulations are in order for a number of our wonderful authors. There were a number of winners for this round. Below is a listing of the winners and their stories. A huge congratulations to everyone for their great stories!!!


Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley - HINNY

Best Drabble: "Bruises" by MiHnn

Best Het Smut: "Bruises" by MiHnn


James Potter and Lily Evans - JILY

Best Drama-Angst: "The Reverse Method" by MiHnn

Best Comedy: "The Reverse Method" by MiHnn

Best Romance: "The Reverse Method" by MiHnn


Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger - ROMIONE

Best Drabble: "Casual Sex" by MiHnn

Best Comedy: "Over and Under" by MiHnn


Severus Snape and Hermione Granger - SNERMIONE

Best Drabble: First Place: "Eight Months in Stockholm" by TycheSong

Best Drama-Angst: Second Place: "Resonare Mortis" by laralee88

Best Comedy: Third Place: "The One Where Snape's Bits Smell Like Cheese" by scumblackentropy

Best Romance: First Place: "The Awakening" by CRMediaGal

Best Het Smut: Second Place: "Shrinking Potions, Silk Scarves, and A Dollhouse" by onecelestialbeing

Best Threesome and Smut: First Place: "Getting Past Broken" by TycheSong

Best Alternate Universe: First Place: "Prisoner 5273" by snapefan520


Lucius Malfoy and anyone

Best Comedy: "Of Rippling Muscles and Taut Buttocks" by Savva

Best Legacy Story: Third Place: "Sharps, Sharks and Sheds" by Nathaniel Cardeu



I have finally gotten myself an HP related email. It is I can still receive emails through my old email, but I have changed the site one to the new one. Feel free to update your contact listings.

Thanks for another wonderful month. Try to stay warm and keep reading!!



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January 2014


Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to The Maple Bookshelf!

A warm welcome to all of our new members as well as our more familiar members and authors too. Please make yourself at home, as you learn your way around the site. There are many things for you to do, such as reading a variety of stories in an assortment of fandoms, a reviewing challenge, (the carrot for the most reviews given by a member), saying hello in the shout box on the left side of the page, as well as featured and random stories. There is also the Maple Board, for all types of discussions, and a place to introduce yourselves. Feel free to pull up a chair and look around and stay for a while. We have broken 3000 members by a bit, now let’s see if we can get 3100 members by the end of January.

On a side note, with TycheSong stepping back from being an Admin for TBM, for the time being, I was asked to step in and become an Admin for TMB. I feel honored that I would have been considered for the position and I hope that I will be able to fill the incredibly huge shoes that Tyche has left behind. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at or by contacting me through my author page. My bio is posted if you are interested in finding out a bit more about me.

January Announcements:

Monthly Challenge

Schuetzi is hosting the Monthly challenge this month. Writers are encouraged to write something frivolous to lighten up the start of the New Year. The options can be found on the right side of the screen.

Carrot Challenge

The carrot challenge for November and December has wrapped up. eterna-romantica03 our only participant has won The Carrot. In order to be eligible for the next Carrot Challenge all you have to do is review 30 stories throughout the month, and then you will be entered into a random drawing for a prize. Click on the Carrot at the bottom right page to register for the contest.


A new posting has been made on TMB LiveJournal page. The posting is for the weekly update. Keep your eyes open for other postings with other updates as well as other information about TMB.

Beta Test Creator

We are looking for a nitpicker, Brit-picker to create our new test for our betas. If you are interested, please contact the site and we will give you the details.

Sorry about the delay in the announcements, I have been trying to learn the new ropes and am a little behind on getting the announcements posted.

Have a great month, and do not forget to review your favorite stories.

Stay warm wherever you are!!!



Posted by: GryffindorWitch on Jan 05, 2014 10:52 PM(3 Comments)

Hello everyone!!

There is no December challenge, as the Christmas gift exchange is running through the end of December. The Carrot challenge has also been extended through December due to the extremely busy scedules of everyone this holiday season. :-D

It is time to say goodbye to a few people as well.  As of this week both Laralee and ThornedHuntress have made the difficult decision of stepping down from moderator positions due to their busy schedules, and will no longer be working for the site.

As of the end of this year, I have also decided to step down as Admin here on TMB. I'll still be checking in, but RL is making it difficult for me to be able to keep up with my duties here on TMB.

If you are interested in heloping out at all in taking over some administrative duties here, please e-mail Schuetz, using the "contact us" link. :-D We are always looking for fresh faces to help behind scenes!

As previously stated, the voting for the HP fanficfanpollawards on Live Journal are currently underway, and will be through December. We have several authors who have been nominated, and you do NOT need to be a member of the community in order to participate! Be sure to remember that the the Spring/Summer rounds are approaching soon after, which includes the Dramione category. Please go vote, and start thinking about what you may want nominate for the summer round--lets really represent!

More details from GryffindorWitch:

It is time for the Harry Potter FanFic Poll Awards - Fall-Winter Round 2013. The Maple Bookshelf has a number of authors who have been nominated for their hard work in assorted HP categories. Our authors have a total of 17 story nominations this time, but not all of the stories are currently at TMB. If you are nominated and want to add your story to TMB it will be added to the Featured Stories List. If you are nominated but are not mentioned, send an email to GryffindorWitch, and I will made the modifications as needed.


The nominated authors (in alphabetical order): CRMediaGal, Laralee88, MiHnn, Nathaniel Cardeu, onecelestialbeing, Savva, scumblackentropy, snapefan520, TycheSong, and worrywart.


Follow the links to be able to see all of the nominations. The voting period started Nov 1st and will continue through Dec 31st. Winners will be announced Jan 10, 2014.


Main HP FF voting info page:

Nomination List Page #1:

Nomination List Page #2:


GryffindorWitch :-)


Have an awesome holiday season everyone!!



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November :-D

Welcome to November, Bookshelvians! A lot of stuff going on here:

October Challenge: The story "Kittens and Bows" by Kitten Dwarf won the October challenge!! Yay, good for you! The reveal for all three stories is up, be sure to let the participating authors know how awesome they are!

NaNoWriMo: It's National Write a Novel Month! The challenge: write a 50,000 word novel by the end of November! You can sign up officially at TMB has added a tag for your story to lable it as the ambitious work it is, and throughout the month of November all the Nanowrimo stories will be featured along with the challenge entries. Just make sure you let the mods know that you're writing the story for Nano so it doesn't get missed!

Christmas Gift Exchange: it's that time of the year!!! Time for the second annual TMB Christmas Gift Exchange! For more details and sign-up information, please go to the challange section! Last year we all had a lot of fun and had some GREAT stories come out of it!

The Carrot: The winner of the October Carrot will be announced soon--be sure to sign up for November! Thirty reviews in thirty days gains you a chance to win a prize! If you are interested in supplying the prize (a banner, a one shot, a mailed Mix-Tape of you singing or a knitted scarf whatever), please contact your lvely Carrot Admin, Quilter!

Write a Letter to Santa! Send a letter to Santa here at The Maple Bookshelf, and starting in December, we'll start posting replies! :-D Just send an email to!

New Admins: Right now the site is looking for a new admin to take on some responsibilities. You must be willing to commit to at least a few days every month consistantly, be willing to promote TMB and have a good grasp of language/grammar. If you are interested in the job please email Schuetz by hitting on the "Contact Us" button.

Questions? Comments? Random Ramble? You are welcome to email me at, click the "Contact Us" or use the shout box (located on your right) to let us know!

<3 and Hugs, Tyche



An Extra Announcement -


It is time for the Harry Potter FanFic Poll Awards - Fall-Winter Round 2013. The Maple Bookshelf has a number of authors who have been nominated for their hard work in assorted HP categories. Our authors have a total of 17 story nominations this time, but not all of the stories are currently at TMB. If you are nominated and want to add your story to TMB it will be added to the Featured Stories List. If you are nominated but are not mentioned, send an email to GryffindorWitch, and I will made the modifications as needed.


The nominated authors (in alphabetical order): CRMediaGal, Laralee88, MiHnn, Nathaniel Cardeu, onecelestialbeing, Savva, scumblackentropy, snapefan520, TycheSong, and worrywart.


Follow the links to be able to see all of the nominations. The voting period started Nov 1st and will continue through Dec 31st. Winners will be announced Jan 10, 2014.


Main HP FF voting info page:

Nomination List Page #1:

Nomination List Page #2:


GryffindorWitch :-)


Posted by: TycheSong on Oct 31, 2013 06:00 PM(1 Comments)
NaNo and War of the Words

Just another general reminder to everyone also, there is still ten days left to submit to the October Challenge, and sign up for the Carrot! Also, the HP Fan Fic Fan Poll Awards on Live Journal are still accepting nominations for their fall/winter round.

For those of you who are planning to sign up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this year, please let us know here at TMB! If you post your novel in progress, we'll be sure to creat a NaNo tag for you to use and cheerlead  you along the way! :-D

And at last (I'm so sorry for posting these so late!!), brought to you by our very own and talented Savva; here are the winner and participating banners for the War of the Words!


Posted by: TycheSong on Oct 21, 2013 07:52 AM(1 Comments)
Hello Everyone!


It's been six weeks since we've had a traditional news update. Here goes! First of all, welcome to our new members!! We're so excited to have you, and hope you like it here! We accept any fandom or original work, at any rating, and (so long as you properly warn for it) almost any situation.

There is a shout box that you are more than welcome to chime in on at any time to your left--and just below that are the TMB Forums: The Maple Board. To join in on that, just send a quick not to our admin email (click on "contact us") and we'll get you added to the forums. :-D

To the right, you'll find "a random story" reccommendation, Tyche's Monthly Writer's Challenge (which is sometimes every other month, depending), and our reviewers challenge, called the carrot. If you sign up for the Carrot, all you need to do is review at least 30 times in the month, and you are entered into a drawing to win a prize!

If you would like to sign up to offer a prize--either a banner, a one-shot, or some other type of art or craft, please contact the admin in charge, Quilter. We're always looking for more giveaways for the carrot!

Don't forget to check out the last two stories of our War of the Words Challenge--by coincidence, both challenge entrants named their story "By the Light of the Moon" and so we have distinguished between the two by numbering them! Be sure you're picking the right one when you vote! :-D

As always, if you have any questions about the site or any of the challenges, you are more than welcome to contact any of our fantastic admins who can help you out!!

I would like to also take this moment to offer up a couple of very deserved and keenly felt thanks at this point: Thank you so much to Thorned Huntress, who was my right hand (and sometimes my left) during this challenge--I literally could not have done it or gotten through this month without her working a lot of behind-the-scenes magic.

A special thank you also to Savva, who made the weekly banners. Due to some unforseen circumstances, I was not able to get them all up with the stories on time, but they are all up and loaded now, and she did an amazing job.

Another bow and thank you at our Admin in the Sky, Schuetz, who monkeyed with the site to let me do things I normally would not have been able to.

And lastly, to all the fantastic writers who participated and cranked out story after story with only a week's notice!! You guys are awesome in the extreme!


First Place: Ryl!!
Second Place: AnneM!!
Third Place: Savva!!

A special round of applause for both Ryl and AnneM, as they both have the distinction of having participated all six weeks without fail!!! Way to go, guys! Thank you aslo to the rest of our participants (listed alphabetically):

Kitten Dwarf, Quilter, StrongHermione, TambratheGreat, and WorryWart!


Posted by: TycheSong on Sep 15, 2013 10:16 AM(2 Comments)
Summer Challenge: The War of The Words

So, we're going to do this challenge a little differently. :-) The way this challenge works is that on every Sunday for the next six weeks, a one word prompt is posted. You then have through Saturday to write a fic at least 500 words based on that prompt, and e-mail it to

The following Sunday, all the stories entered will be posted, a new prompt will be released, and the voting will start on the previous week. You can join in any week you like, and sit out any week you like. Points will be awarded thus:

4 points--just for participating in any given week.
3 points--for coming in first any given week.
2 points--for coming in second any given week.
1 point--for coming in third any given week.

2 bonus points--for including an optional situation provided with the prompt.

The writer with the most points at the end of six weeks takes home the winner's banner. :-)


1) When submitting a fic to any week, you must e-mail it to as either a .docx or a .odt document. Do not post it yourself, as they are all being posted anonymously at once.

2) You must submit before midnight pacific time on the Saturday of each week. There are no extensions, no exceptions. Otherwise the whole challenge will get thrown off.

3) Please do not cross post on another site or reveal which story is yours until the whole challenge is over.

4) You do NOT have to sign up. If you'd like to join in, just submit that week, if you want to sit out a week, you do not need to inform me.

5) When submitting, please fill out the provided header below and put it at the top of the document.



Week Six:

Your prompt for this week is "Moonlight."

Potential Bonus Situation: A slash or femmeslash relationship.

Posted by: TycheSong on Aug 02, 2013 06:55 PM(3 Comments)

Ahhhh, July. And with it comes many exciting announcements:

Announcement the First: Nearing 2500 members! How exciting! If you are new to us, welcome! Be sure to say hi in the shout box, and sign up for the forums (just hit "contact us" and let the admins know you want forum access). We have a reviewer's challenge, called the carrot, and a writer's challenge; both are on the right hand side of your screen!

A Second Helping of Announcements: Annual reminder of rules. You must be thirteen to join. Any work you submit must be either written by you or a language translation of a work with the original author's permission. You must be polite to other members. Yes, even the mods. You must warn your story appropriately with official tags, not just in the story notes. If you see a story that does not follow one of the above rules, PLEASE tell a mod so that we can get it fixed!

While we encourage all of our writers to have their work beta-read, we do not require it. We do, however, reserve the right to not validate a work if it is too difficult to read because of poor spelling/grammar.

Announcement Number Three: Tyche's monthly challenge is being hosted by TMB's first member this month: AnneM. It's located to your right, and is open for sign ups through the whole month!

Speaking of AnneM and challenges, congratulation to her for winning the June challenge, Still BANGing! with her story "A Tiny Little Secret"!

The Fourth Announcement: Speaking of challenges, there are going to be a few new changes to Tyche's Challenge including longer deadlines, beginning mid-way through September. November/December will be our second annual Christmas fic exchange, so keep that in mind, as well!

A Fifth of Announcements: The Carrot winner for June is Jamies_Lady! Way to go!!

And last, but not least: A very happy Independance Day to our Canadian and American members!


Posted by: TycheSong on Jul 02, 2013 07:26 PM(0 Comments)

It's warming up where I am, how about all of you?!? If you are new to us, allow me to extend an official welcome, and teach you the secret handshake (basically, go say hello and introduce yourself in the shoutbox and forums, that's really all there is to it).

Before we go any further, I would like to request that all of our members keep our beloved friend Savva in their thoughts, prayers, and general good healing vibes. She has recently been informed that she is very ill, and could use the support of her family and friends. Please, wherever you are, take a moment to give her your love! <3 <3 <3

We are celebrating a year of Tyche's Monthly Challenges--please click to your right where it's posted! It would be fantastic to see a lot of entrants on this one! Even if you decide not to enter (which would be a big, sad shame), you should still go vote on last month's winner! The poll is also on the right, just under the challenge.

At the very bottom right of the page you will see something that is unique to TMB: our monthly reviewer's challenge, The Carrot. Review thirty times in a month to any story or drabble and you are eligible to win a prize! Just sign up and a mod will note your current count for the tally!

Last month (May) was our special anniversary month--many many gold kittehs were handed out to our fantastic writers who stepped out to try something new. We also had six people complete the Carrot challenge, and they each won a gold kitteh AND a prize! Please applaud:

* Jamies_Lady who is awarded a banner by the very talented Savva!
* Undergrounddaydreams who needs to contact Schuetz about her prize.
* AnneM who has won the right to a story by the lovely Jamies_Lady!
* EternaRomantica who has been awarded a one-shot by the incredible StrongHermione.
* GryffindorWitch, who has won a Harry Potter one-shot by the amazing Blue Artimis!
* Quilter, who is awarded a story by the sweet and fantastic AnneM!

Thank you once again everyone for joining us for another month--and please remember that we continue to stay open and available based on your generosity. If you would like to donate to TMB, the details are on the left, and we will even send you a pretty bookmark charm as a thank you! Every little bit helps!

Posted by: TycheSong on Jun 04, 2013 09:19 PM(4 Comments)
Happy Commemoration of your Spawning, TMB! (May Announcements)

Well. This is it. We've made it! TMB is now officially one year old. Happy birthday, Bookshelvians, and may the reviews be ever in your favour. ;-) We have been through a lot of trial and error since then, and picked up a lot of amazing members and writers. We've gained over 2,000 members and tripled our staff members.

If you are new to TheMapleBookshelf, WELCOME. We have a shoutbox and forums on the left, and a monthly writers' challenge and reviewers' challenge on the right. We accept all fandoms and all ratings and we are proud to be considered your home. Please make yourself comfortable, pull up a story, and join the community!

As a result of our brand new status as a year old, we are offerring several incentives to be involved:

Anniversary Awesomeness Number One: Anyone who signs up and completes the Reviewers Carrot Challenge (lower right on your screen) wins a prize. A one shot, a banner, help create the June Monthly Challenge--all possible prizes to be won for entering and completeing the carrot this month!

The Second Awesomeness of Having an Anniversary: The Maypole is being released. This is a newsletter of in depth reviewed stories and recommendations by some of our most active site readers!

Three Cheers For TMB's Anniversary Awesomeness: Special, limited edition gold kitteh icons have been created by Fearless Leader Schuetz. If you are the first one to post a story (NOT a drabble) in any of the now empty categories/fandoms, one will be given to YOU.

An Administrators' Plea: You have come a long way; so pat yourselves on the back, Bookshelvians! Then, please go make a donation to keep the site going for another year--this site is free to use for everyone to enjoy, and we love that we can keep it that way. We remain open based on your generosity, and we even give you beautifully crafted bookmarks as a thank you gift. The first one is yours with a donation of at least $8.00 US, and we will add an additional one of your choice for every $5.00 more you donate. Please help us remain open another year to come!

The Usual Suspects:

The winner of the April Carrot Challenge is Jamies_Lady, who is able to claim a prize from the talented ThornedHuntress--congratulations, Jamies_Lady!

Please don't forget to vote for one of the two challenge stories for Tyche's Monthly Challenge (April 2013): A Thousand Words!

Special Mention: Be sure to congratulate AnneM, Mihnn, and TycheSong for their nominations in the Spring/Summer Round of the Harry Potter FanFic Fan Poll Awards on LiveJournal--a huge thumbs up in particular to Mihnn, who has been nominated in a total of twenty-one different categories!! Way to go! So super proud of you!

Special Thanks: To everyone who has worked so hard to make this a welcoming, wonderful site! We're so glad that you have taken the time. I know that, I, for one, could not be more thankful for each and every person I've met here (insert sappy music here :-P)

<3 Tyche

Posted by: TycheSong on May 02, 2013 05:43 PM(5 Comments)
April Annoucements!


Number One: Welcome all new members and writers! Please make yourselves at home! We have stories to read, a monthly writers’ challenge and a monthly reviewers’ challenge, forums, and a shoutbox to play in! You are welcome in all of these! If you have trouble or questions, there is a fantastic staff willing to help you out and a plethora of amazing regulars who would be more than happy to help you and count you as one of them. :-D

Number Two: Everyone, please take the time to say thanks and give a virtual hug LadyStiff. After being an admin from almost the very beginning, she has unfortunately had to step down for Real World reasons, and will no longer be moderating on The Maple Bookshelf. She will still be hanging around and posting as one of our most beloved authors, she just does not have the time to devote to running things that she once did. Thank you so much, LadyS, for putting so much into this for this long! :-D

On that note, we should also take the time to welcome our newly promoted Admins. :-D Please welcome Laralee88, who is officially in charge of running our LiveJournal page and now has moderation status on TMB, and GryffindorWitch! Take some time to get to know them, read their bios and/or work, and in general say hi!

Speaking of awesome admins, please send Fearless Leader Schuetz presents for keeping our site up and running, and for being older than last month. "Happy age-advancement you old freak!" Is what I am told is an acceptable greeting this month. X-D

Number Three: Congratulations to StitchWitch, the winner of the Tyche’s Monthly Challenge: March: Once Upon A Time…! Tyche’s monthly challenge this month is a bit different—original work based on picture prompts—please enter and show us what you can do outside your fave fandom! To enter, just e-mail me at so that you can get the password to post for the month. :-D I would like to take this time to remind all of our entrants to please read and follow the rules of each challenge, and not just pick a prompt.

Number Four: Congratulations to EternaRomantica and AnneM for winning the Carrot Reviewers’ Challenge. Eterna has requested a story from AnneM as her prize, and AnneM has requested to be in charge of the one year anniversary of when the monthly challenges started in July. Way to go, ladies!

Have an awesome month, everyone! <3 Tyche


Posted by: TycheSong on Apr 12, 2013 05:44 PM(2 Comments)
TMB wants YOU


Feel free to imagine a creepy American propaganda dude pointing his greasy finger at you in hopes you'll become cannon fodder voluntarily rather than by force.


There's a few things we'd like from you who can provide it.


  • prizes for May anniversary carrot – everyone who gets in their carrot gets a prize – banners, art, one-shots are typical

  • things like character profile sheets, and others for writers to fill out

  • be thinking about a new fandom / category / etc. for May (that's more like a hint, since you have like, jobs and stuff)

  • corny jokes / puns involving the word 'maple'


  • writer websites affiliates to trade links / banners - no personal website

  • as always, you can send in your ideas for anything else on the website

  • reports on the TMB mobile

  • we also like to know the things we're doing right, so that we won't change it


You can send all this to us by the 'Contact Us' page.


Well, the First Annual Easter Egg Gif hunt has ended, and I will be taking all the gifs and clues down tonight. Thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations to ThornedHuntress, AnneM, Jamies_Lady, and GryffindorWitch, who got all twenty-one including the bonus gifs! I will be posting a list of all the clues and where they led in the forums for your perusal. :-D --Tyche

Posted by: on Mar 23, 2013 07:54 AM(8 Comments)
Ankündigungen für März

Hello, Bookshelvians!! Worrywart here, filling in for our fine, fearless TycheSong as she recovers from a dratted sinus infection. Here are some ‘Bless you’s’, virtual chicken soup and tissue to be going on with in the hopes she will feel better soon. I personally send her my most favorite sexy Potions master to cuddle up with, and to make him read whatever book she wishes to make her recovery more pleasant!

March came in like a lion here in the U.S., a sure sign that it will go out like a lamb. A far, far better weather prognosticator than the Pennsylvania rodent that all pay homage to each February 2nd. I know that Germany has a saying that on February 2nd, if it rains, there’ll be an early spring (or so said the Magistrate of Marriage, but she could have been having one over on the hapless Americans tying the knot in front of her). What ‘weather prediction’ traditions does your country have? Shout out or use the Forum to let us know.

A very warm welcome to all our new members. We seem to be growing by leaps and bounds in the last few months; membership stands at 1810 at the time of writing. We are hopeful to hit the 2000 mark before our upcoming one year anniversary. New members, as well as current, are welcome to cruise our forums and use the Shout Box to chat along with other members, enter challenges, and of course, write!

March features several changes on The Maple Bookshelf. These changes were suggested by YOU, our members and authors. What other site would your voice have been heard and responded to so quickly? Fasten your seatbelts, Bookshelvians, and get ready for the ride as we cruise through some of the new features.

On the left side of your homepage screen, please note the ‘Keep In Touch’ box features links to our new presence on Facebook and Live Journal. This is a great way to keep in touch with other members and promote our website.

On the upper portion of your homepage screen, click the ‘Account Info’ section of the toolbar to see the newest additions to make handling your account more streamline. You can now mark off the stories you’ve read, bookmark ones to read (or re-read; am I the only to read stories over and over? Surely not!) Two additional features allow you to keep track of your reviews so that you can manage responses more easily.

Turning your attention to the right side of your homepage, please note Tyche’s Monthly Challenge for March, “Write me a story in the classic fairy tale style”. The prompts, rules, and entry link are found here. For those who have done these challenges before, they can be great fun. Try out a challenge if you’ve not done it before!

The winner for the February challenge, "It's All Been Done (Passionately)", was the incredible Savva with her story "Of Rippling Muscles and Taut Buttocks"! It's absolutely hilarious, and if you haven't yet, you should check it out!

And finally, in the lower right hand screen you’ll find our Monthly Carrot. In a nutshell (carrot peel, perhaps?), by simply reading and reviewing, you could win a chance at a story or banner written/produced by the author/member offering the carrot in a particular month. ThornedHuntress was the lucky winner for February! We need a reward for the month of March. I’d offer home baked goods, but after Worry Jr. decided to place said goods in electronic equipment when he was a toddler, I’ve decided the two just don’t mix; especially since electronic equipment is way smaller than when Jr. was a toddler! Please contact Admin of you’d like to offer March’s reward.

Here’s wishing all of you a happy Spring! Let’s hope the Easter Bunny brings us all some plot bunnies, refreshed writing spirits and plenty of Cadbury Mini Eggs for those mad writing days ahead!


P.S.  Daylight Saving Time begins March 10 in the U.S.  Don't forget to 'spring forward'!


Posted by: on Feb 28, 2013 07:48 PM(1 Comments)
It's Feb.

Schuetzenkoenig's Segment:

Valentines Day is yucky and makes me vomit.  And February is too damn cold.

Tyche's Segment:

Erm...welcome to the yucky-damn-cold month. We're so very glad you could join us. X-D

New Members: Please visit the shoutbox to your left and say hi, and sign up for the forums! We would love to get to know you better and include you in the awesome community we have here. :-D

Tyche's Monthly Challenge: It's All Been Done (Passionately). To your right you will find the monthly writer's challenge. This month it is to write or parody a tropish (cliched) romance. Just click on the challenge to see the rules and how to sign up, and start writing!

The Carrot Challenge: TMB is unique in that we also have a challenge strictly for reviewers! All you have to do is sign up in the lower right corner, and once one of our awesomesauce mods notes your current review count, just review thirty times in the month! If you can get at least that many, you will be entered to win a drawing. The prize for the month of February is a one-shot and accompanying banner by LadyStiff. The winner for the month of January was Jamies_Lady. Congratulations!

Support Us: To the left you will find the beautiful bookmarks with the official TMB charms on them for sale. They are all very sad because no one has adopted them yet. The money made from these purchases goes toward the upkeep and site dues of TMB. Please continue to help keep our site going by buying these adorable bookmarks (only $8.00 US for the first one, and $5.00 US for each additional purchase) and donating to the site through paypal.

January's Challenge Winner: Congratulations to Snapefan520 for her fabulous fic, Should Auld Acquaintence Be Forgot, which has won our January challenge, Happy Birthday, Tyche! :-D

And Finally: Whoever is putting the jingle toys just out of reach of the site's kittehs, STOP IT. It makes them unhappy and they take it out on your admins. Happy February.

Posted by: Schuetzenkoenig on Jan 31, 2013 07:34 PM(2 Comments)
Cheerleaders Bulletin Board

This board is a place where anyone who wants to offer their services as a 'cheerleader' may post.

Cheerleaders don't correct things like betas, but they offer encouragement, plot help, and give ideas.

If you want to help members in this manner, post a little bio here to help authors choose who they want to work with, and list your skills.

If you want to employ the services of a cheerleader, do not post your requests here.    Rather, contact the members via their pages / listed contact information.  You can find them by looking at the members listing.

Mods are to delete any postings that are not by cheerleaders.  Keep this tidy.

Posted by: kitty_bob on Jan 31, 2013 12:00 AM(8 Comments)
January Announcements

January: Since the world convienently forgot to end again, as it is wont to do, I would like to welcome you all to the bright and shiny new year of two thousand and thirteen.


With the new year come new admins, new bookmarks, over 1,500 members and a total of over 3,000 reviews. We can also proudly say that our first Spanish and German translation fics have gone up.

Challenges: Coincidentally, this also happens to mark the twenty-eighth anniversary of my natality. Please enter my birthday challenge to celebrate. Please also note that I'm not kidding about the gold star. :-D

Speaking of challenges, there are a few people who have requested an extra day to get their gift exchange story in, because of this, the Secret Santas will not be revealed until the second. Because these are commissioned gifts, we will not be voting on them, but please read and review them all so our Secret Santas know how awesome they are!!

Carrot: The winner for December is Quilter. She will be presented with a lovely one shot by ThornedHuntress. Everyone, please sign up!! The more, the merrier! All you have to do for the chance to win the carrot is to sign up and review at least thirty times in a month!

I, TycheSong, am offering the carrot this month. I am terrible at art, so the carrot winner's choices are either a one-shot pairing of your choice (provided I know enough about the fandom to write it), or oatmeal. Your choice of plain, cinnamon and spice, or maple and brown sugar.

Official Betas: We need more accredited betas. Please. At least two of our accredited betas are at this point no longer accepting requests due to their schedules. So, if you consider yourself a decent hand at cheerleading and grammar, we would love to have you take our test and add your name to that list.

To All New Members: Please stop and say hi in the shoutbox (on the left). Whether you're a writer or strictly a reader, we would love to get to know you! Don't be shy-- we don't eat people at this site. We're very nice and all inclusive here. :-D

Posted by: TycheSong on Dec 31, 2012 08:41 PM(0 Comments)
Public Service Announcement

Meet the Admins, old and new:

Schuetzenkoenig : Fearless Leader Schuetz, ModGod of TMB

TycheSong : That would be me. The mouthy one who issues challenges.

LadyStiff : Super cool chica who also does banners.

lrmorena : In charge of all validations in espanol.

kitty_bob : Occasionally gets sacrificed to the kitteh gods in sekret rituals.

So the site has grown quite a bit, and as such, it has needed more peoples to help out. Please welcome and give thumbs up to your freshly minted Admins, who are being generous enough to donate their precious time away from the real world to keep this place happy and safe from the Nazis and Spam:

ThornedHuntress : Previously the holder of the dubius title of "Adminion," and current holder of general awesomesauce.

Quilter : Cheerleader extradanaire turned Admin. No, seriously. Amazing lady to have in your plot device corner.


Worrywart : Thus far, the undefeated Queen of Challenges. :-D

Round of applause, please.

Posted by: TycheSong on Dec 16, 2012 07:20 PM(1 Comments)
December Announcements!!

Sorry these are a day late, I was taking a day trip to California and had no internet access. Without further ado;

The Gift Exchange Challenge: If you are having trouble with your prompt and do not think you will be able to finish your gift before the 31December deadline, the time to tell me is now! A few wonderful members have volunteered to Pinch Hit if needed, so if you can't do it, give them as much notice as possible!

The Carrot: Congratulations Quilter! You have won a story/banner from the amazing and awesome AnneM for the Novemeber Carrot! It was wonderful to have so many participate; please sign up for the December Carrot challenge, everyone! This is the easiest and one of the most helpful challenges you can enter! Just comment that you're entering (lower right Carrot box), and review at least thirty times afterwards. The prize for the December Carrot winner is a one-shot by the enormously talented ThornedHuntress!

Santa: Fellow Bookshelvians, a very serious matter has been brought to my attention. Santa needs letters. He is very lonely and very sad and he will take it out on all of us if he only gets a few letters. Just sayin.

To write Santa a letter, click into the "Kitschy_Santa_Baby" skin (aka "The One With The Creepy Santa") and click the mailbox on the Welcome page. Good things happen to those who do...

Challenge Banners and Challenges: Do you want to show off your awesome art skills? Let me know! I am always looking for people who want to do the monthly challenge banner. To submit a challenge idea, just send me an e-mail, and we'll talk. They are generally planned a few months in advance, so if you want your idea to coincide with a specific month, I need lots of notice! :-) or

Have an awesome Christmas season, everyone!!

Posted by: TycheSong on Dec 02, 2012 02:52 PM(4 Comments)
November Announcements!

Welcome to The Maple Bookshelf!

Please, pull up a comfy chair and make yourself at home! There is an awesome community to be found here in the forums and shout box to your left, a monthly challenge to enter to your right, fantastic stories and poetry to browse, and a very inclusive and open minded moderation process for submitting your own work! This is a place for you to feel safe and supported—we know how hard it is to put yourself out there!

November Announcements:

Not-Hurricane-Sandy: While removed of its hurricane status before hitting the US East Coast, Sandy still packed one serious heck of a punch and has affected several of our members! Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers over the next few weeks!

The Forums: Due to excessive evil spam bots, new members who wish to register for The Maple Board Forums must contact admin directly. This can be done by selecting “Contact Us” either on the main menu at the top of the page or under “Keep In Touch” to your left. We would love to see you all there if you haven’t already signed up!

NaNoWriMo: As many of you know, it is Natonal Novel Writing Month! It is definitely not too late to sign up and try! The goal is to write 50,000 words (approximately 175 pages) in thirty days. To sign up at the official website, go to! If you're posting a NaNoWriMo entry here to TMB, let one of the mods know--we'll add a NaNoWriMo 2012 tag to your story!

The Monthly Carrot: The winner for October Carrot is TycheSong! Way to go everyone who took part—we would love to see you back for the November Carrot! The prize for November is a banner or boon by AnneM! (Thanks Anne!)

Betas: If you are looking for one you have two options: there is an accredited section to your right of those who have taken the official TMB test. The other option is to click on “Authors” on the menu bar, and browse our members by “beta.” This will pull up a more extensive list of all of our members who are willing to alpha or beta stories—most of which just haven’t bothered taking the test.

Speaking of which: We are looking for more accredited betas! If you think you make (or would make) an excellent beta, please download and take the test! We would love to have more people sign up as accredited betas!

October Challenge: Please visit the featured fics, read the challenge entries, and vote when the poll goes live shortly! :-)


The winter hols approach, and with them, a different sort of challenge! Due to the busy nature of the upcoming season, and the slightly different nature of this challenge, the November Monthly Challenge and the December Monthly Challenge are going to be rolled into one: The Fic Gift Exchange!

For details and rules, please visit the challenge section. The official sign up date is 14 November, but if you sign up later we will do our best to include you as well! :-)


Posted by: TycheSong on Oct 31, 2012 05:19 PM(1 Comments)
Welcome To October

Welcome to October! If you are new to TMB, please allow me to personally say welcome; we're so glad you're here! We hope you enjoy the stories you find, and possibly submit some of your own. We accept both your fan-fics and your original work, including poetry.

October Announcements:

Pontification the First: Please direct your attention to the lower left hand side of your screen, where a translation box now lives by the hard work and ingenuity of Fearless Leader Schuetz. Homage can be paid in the form of lolcats.

The Second Pontification: The winner of the September Carrot is SusanMarieR!!! Thank you so much to everyone who participated and as per last month's request, fed the authors. They are looking much healthier and shiner. Don't forget to participate in this month's carrot as well!

Pontification Number Three: New rules for the Carrot Challenge, per Fearless Leader Schuetz. Instead of signing up after you have reviewed thirty times, sign up immediately. Once a mod notes that you have entered and lists your current review count, your thirty review count begins. The earlier you sign up, the more time you have!

Fourthification (Yes it's a word. I'm a mod and I say so): 30 September marks the end of the Oktoberfest Challenge; and now you must all go vote on your favorite story. The entrants are all currently being featured-- please go read, review, and then vote who should have the September bragging rights.

A Fifth of Pontifications: Speaking of challenges, there is a brand new one available for sign-ups to your right. :-D The more people who join in, the merrier, so I implore you to join in the fun!

If you found any of the above confusing, exciting or just plain comment worthy, please feel free to say so! There is a comment section below just for such queries and thoughts. :-)

Happy Writing,


Posted by: TycheSong on Sep 30, 2012 05:16 PM(3 Comments)
...And The Winner Is...!

The winning banner of the September team challenge goes to TEAM HIPPOCAMPUS!Congratulations!

The Teams (witers listed in alphabetical order):

Team Hippocampus:
Writers: WhisperGypsy & worrywart
Artist: AnneM

Team Gryphon:
Writers: LadyStiff & stronghermione
Artist: Roo

Team Hydra:
Writers: ThornedHuntress & Quilter
Artist: SusanMarieR

Team Phoenix:
Writers: Imperfect_Beauty & TycheSong
Artist: LadyStiff

The stories will be updated to reflect the author changes! Please offer a well done to those who participated, and high fives in particular to Team Hippocampus!! The team profile banners and buttons, as well as the Winners Banner were all made by SusanMarieR, and can be found all in one place under the challenge listing. The stories have been updated to list the team members as co-authors (including the artists). Team Members: You are all more then welcome to respond to reviews as your real selves and not just the team, at this point!

Way to go, all...I don't forget the deadline for Septemeber coming up! For those of you who have been waivering about entering, I encourage you to try! Challenges are a lot of fun, and you are welcome to join at any time all the way up to the last day--

Posted by: TycheSong on Sep 19, 2012 09:33 AM(2 Comments)
September is Here!

First of all: a massive WOOHOO to us, as we passed our 1000+ member mark this last month! Way-to-grow! Also, due to the diligent and awesome hard work of our fearless leader Schuetz, hotmail is no longer blocking TMB emails. Yay!!! If you are the proud owner of a hotmail account, please remember to add TMB to your "safe" list so that we don't end up in your spam.

A big hearty thanks to everyone who has been participating in the monthly challenges! They have been so much fun to read! The official closing date to post your August challenge has been pushed to September fifth, so that everyone can finish, which is one of the reasons the poll for August is not currently active. Once it has been made active, you have two weeks to vote on your fave!

The other reason is because one of the secret admin kitty rituals you don't know about is unavailable for completion. That should be taken care of shortly.

In the meantime; plenty to play with here on TMB! The September prompts have gone up in the forums (The Maple Board, to your left), and the official September Monthly Challenge has been posted (click on "challenges" under the browse menu to your right). It, too, has not been updated to the front page for previous paragraph reasons.

I would also like to take a quick moment to remind everyone that the writers you can't get enough of eat reviews to survive. Please feed the authors and keep them healthy. :-)

Last but not least: are you looking for art? Techniques? Have found a bug with the site? Have a great idea but no idea how to write it? The forums are the place to go! Lots of helpfuls on this site check in there regularily to make sure all is well.

Have fun, and happy September!

Posted by: TycheSong on Sep 01, 2012 05:38 PM(1 Comments)
Monthly Carrot

Want to win a prize and spot on the front page for a month?  All you gotta do is review!

Every member that reviews at least 30 times / month can be entered in a random drawing to win that month's offered prize.  Members can win up to twice in a row.

To enter, leave a comment below in the first 5 days of the month.  Once a mod lists your number, your count starts.  Then just leave 30 real reviews this month . Our mod verifies the reviews you'll be entered in a drawing to win the next day.  (If you're signing up later in the month, drop us a shout so we can grab your count. Thanks!) The prizes and the winners are now to be listed on the carrot. They'll be removed when the prizes are completed.


 May 2014 prize : One-shot / banner - AnneM

May 2014 winner : eterna romantica - completed : yes


Posted by: on Aug 05, 2012 06:03 AM(1 Comments)

Welcome to The Maple Bookshelf.
The site is new and in beta testing so don't hesitate to send in suggestions and ideas, and bug reports.
Anyone can join to follow and review stories.
We need a few moderators to approve stories / mod the forums.
We are likely going to add a comics shelf.


There are two methods to post your writing.

Become validated - send us links to your writing via the 'Contact Us' form (this serves like a resume for us to determine if you can be validated yet)

Send individual works - Go into 'Account Info / Submit New Story' and submit individually.  Anything submitted like this must be approved by mods before it appears.


Posted by: Schuetzenkoenig on May 15, 2012 01:08 PM(2 Comments)
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