Spring Tonic '15 by Schuetzenkoenig

 Grannie says that da Frialing is when you drink the yucky weeds that make toxins come out from stale winter. 

The prompts are the toxins of my mind.



Rules :

Over 500 words.

Rules relaxed a bit to coax you into joining, but story must be at least coherent.

The winner is to be determined by points.  AnneM is doing the prize of a one-shot, and if she wins the second place contestant gets the prize. 

You enter by emailing us to get the secret password.  Contact us

 Due April 15


Points can be earned the following ways :

3 points for first place in the votes (2 and 1 respectively)

1 point per prompt included

1 point if you comment on other entrants, 1 per story

1 point for mentioning cats

3 points if you include obscure botanical knowledge




Alas, with any luck, this herbal remedy would replace the vile little blue pill forever.  Little did he know the side effects in store ...

A mottled kitten trotted down the cobblestone lane, on its way to Bakery.

Plant hunter?  That's not a real job.  You're saying you're broke, am I correct, sir? 

Grannie's homemade perfume didn't just smell vile, it had a secret hidden power - an odour so utterly alluring and intoxicating on a subconscious biochemical level that it never ceased to attract them.

Mary Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?   According to our experts, not very well.  The high nitrogen content found in young maidens used as fertilizer would certainly contribute to bushier foliage, but few blooms and fruits.

Grow, damn it. 

Categories: Fanfiction, Original , Satire
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