Spring Tonic by Schuetzenkoenig


 Grannie says that da Frialing is when you drink the yucky weeds that make toxins come out from stale winter. 

The prompts are the toxins of my mind. 

See, that's what you get when you don't send prompts. 

If you want to enter you send us an email to get the password.

500 words or even moar {#emotions_dlg.shame}



1. Everyone is shocked when the biggest loser in the town is asked out by the prince/ss - including their secret crush.


2. I dressed up as the opposite gender to sneak in, then I was attacked by birds.


3. The pie was cooling on the windowsill, as pies do. All I needed to do was sneak over.


4. The hideous one asks the magic mirror for sexieness, then gets a makeover and learns manners. But after one day they now have terrible B.O. that doesn't ever go away.


5. I chased the kitten as far as I could, over the hills, into the valley.


6. Romance is stupid. No, I'm not a tsundere. Seriously go away or I'mma cut you.


7. He finally was in the reality tv program - the town gathered in pride to watch the event air. But rather than being their pride and joy, he was portrayed in a very different light.

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Snow in Spring by AnneM Rated: K+ [Reviews - 3]

It was the first day of spring and it was snowing.

(Hermione Granger & Theodore Nott)stories/1077/images/Snow_in_the_Spring1.jpg


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Challenges: Spring Tonic
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