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Resolutions - Do you have any?



#1 | Posted: 28 Dec 2013 10:07 
Does anyone have any resolutions that they would like to post?

I have two this year. The first is to do better with my communications. I have to get better at getting back to people and remembering birthdays and such. I have some ideas, but I am still going to have to work on this. It also entails emptying out my emails. I have way too many that I have group sorted and placed in folders without ever looking at them.

My second resolution is to get healthier. I desperately need to lose some weight, start eating better, and exercising. I have set up the resolution that if I do just one thing, on the list that my resolution will be complete. Then I am not fighting the stigma of uncompleted resolutions. My goals are to start walking on the treadmill, and I have found an exercise program, but I have to find the link for it as I saved it but do not know where. I have a bunch of cookbooks that I am waiting to use. I love to cook, but have had little time before now. Now that school is done, I am looking forward to this.


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#2 | Posted: 28 Dec 2013 17:08 
I want to change a few eating habits this year, too. I am also going to actually spend less time reading Fanfiction and writing. I've become rather obsessed to the point I read nothing else! Once post my current story, I am going to limit my time on FF. (more than likely, I'll break this one!!) I am also going to take a few more technology free days per month.
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#3 | Posted: 29 Dec 2013 21:52 

Eating healthy is something that most everyone has to do. Since I knew that I was ending the year with school and entering a new phase of my life, I figured I would go with the traditional New Year's resolutions and start dates. I have been enjoying the holidays, not worrying if I eat something that I should not. I have been pushing for so long, that what is another week or two. Going to start with the new me at the New Year.

I have been collecting books to read for years, and am glad that I am going to finally have time to read them. I am also looking forward to getting through my backlog of bookmarks that I have for stories that I have been reading. I can understand stepping back from it though. You have to do what you have to do for yourself.

I found that the few days for the holidays that I spent away from my computer and emails were interesting. I think that there are many of us who have become attached to our electronic devices, which we find stepping away hard to do. My DH used to hate technology and cell phones and everything, but he is more hooked up than I am. (Although I am catching up with a new phone, and soon a new computer and a new e-reader). He hated texting and now he does it more than me. It is funny how things change.


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#4 | Posted: 4 Jan 2014 09:47 
I guess we are all on the same page about the weight issues. I want to be around for a long time because my children have asked me to please do so, understanding that fate might have other ideas. The thing is that I am not doing myself any good by adding kilo after kilo. It isn't about going back to size 3 and the body I had 35 years ago is about taking care of myself because my body is God's temple and the only way I can be with my adored children for as long as I can. There is gym downstairs, begging me to use it. No idea about diets but I will research a bit before making a decision. At the moment, no more pop, candy, chocolate and very little carbs. I might use these lethal guilty pleasures as rewards for losing X amount of kilos. Still working on it.

Yeah, social media have become a problem. I am cutting down my FB time as well as my Twitter time. It depresses me reading all these conversations I'm not part of or can't be part of. So once a week or twice a week should be enough, mostly because my family does post a lot of pictures, comments and messages on FB. I will however be more constant here at TMB. I love this site and have no plans of abandon it. There is my fic to be finished and that might be very hard indeed but I have every intention of doing it regardless of my poor English writing skills.

I have set a goal of 75 books to be read this year (Goodreads website) and will do it! Fics? I do enjoy reading them so it shall continue.

Above all, 2014 is about personal growth and challenging myself.

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