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How do you handle request to read and review?


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#1 | Posted: 24 Apr 2013 15:49 
Hello all,

Just wondering how you all handle request from other writers, who ask you to read (and review) their stories. I have to admit, this happens a lot to me, and I usually ignore it, but sometimes I will read at least one chapter, and then usually I send them a PM instead of a review, because I want to be honest and constructive, and I don't want to hurt their feelings in a review. However, I'm often shocked that the writing is as bad... (for lack of a better word) as it is, yet NO one gives these people bad reviews (this is usually on fanfiction) YET I have received many bad reviews on that particular site, and I don't think my writing is all that bad... ha! Anyway, discussion on this?
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#2 | Posted: 25 Apr 2013 02:03 
It is hard, I found that some of my neg reviews were inspired by jealousy or a total lack of understanding of plot.... that it can twist and turn.. (FF was supposed to be simplistic)

and as for reviewing writers on request... I usually do it and privately email them... normally with the advice to get a good beta!

I do 'cheerlead' for some, but my comments although politely made are not sugar coated... which has led to problems in the past

some writing is abysmal and some people will not learn. One person has everyone sounding like a fourteen year old.. and the english was so poor I thought it was her second or third language
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#3 | Posted: 25 Apr 2013 09:17 
A few young authors did ask me to read and review. I usually go and read, and, if I liked it, I review. However, if I didn't like it, I usually stay silent. Because, I really not sure that I'm entitled to judge. Cheerlead - yes, give an advice - sure, no problem. That said, a few times I was coaxed into giving my thoughts about controversial stories. In those cases, I wrote a gentle PM with my concerns directly to the author. I think, in the end, I worried more than authors themselves. Haha!

There were a few occasions when I voluntarily offered advice. But, it was about the use of Russian classics or Russian language.

I don't have a lot of bad reviews. I am not big or bright enough to attract that kind of people, aka trolls or haters. Just a few stupid remarks. They usually get something snappy from me. Well, as snappy as I can manage anyway.

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#4 | Posted: 27 Apr 2013 11:34 | Edited by: TycheSong 
I typically only give praise and cheerleading; and lately I haven't been reviewing at all just because I've been feeling out of sorts.

I think reviewers in general are harder on writers who have a lot of reviews or have been around a long time. The idea, I think, is that they have been around long enough to already be well aware that they have talent and are now "grown" enough in the fan-fic world that they should be improving and taking con-crit.

I know that I feel that way about "mature" writers. If I can tell that there is already a solid base of talent and understanding of the rules [of the English language], and they already have lots of reviews, I tend to focus more on their improvement than on patting them on the back. They've been told they're good--if they really want to improve themselves and their story, they'll not get fussy and upset with well meant and gently phrased con-crit.

As for writers (or their friends) asking me to read and review; it's only happened a few times. I usually do so, and I feel that if they are going to actually go out of their way to track me down and ask my opinion, I'm going to give it honestly. It's usually by very young or very inexperienced writers--I think those who have been in the game a while feel odd asking others to read who they aren't friends with already through sites like this or LJ/facebook. I try to be nice, but I almost always have to include the advice of getting a beta.
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