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Introduce Yourself to the Crowd!

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#1 | Posted: 19 Jan 2013 17:07 | Edited by: TycheSong 
It was mentioned that there was no place to introduce yourself here at TMB. I hereby designate this as it. Please stop by the Shoutbox and say "Hi" there, too. We promise to say hi back.

I'm Tyche. That's pronounced "TIE-key" by the way. I bum around here a lot. I primarily read and write Harry Potter fics (SSHG, MalfoyMione and rare-pairs are my usual-and-customary, though I'm willing to try anything.) I also cheer-lead and I beta. I also make snarky comments occasionally. I'm a solid Gryffindor, to my grief, with a serious case of Ravenclaw envy. Ask me what you will, I am terrible at hiding things, and if I don't know the answer, I'm usually good at making up an entertaining and creative answer for your amusement.

Not quite thirty. Likes to jump off high things. Kind of a swot. Mass reading. Light baking.

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#2 | Posted: 19 Jan 2013 22:37 
Hello everyone. I'm a single mother in her forties who isn't ashamed to tell her friends, family, coworkers, strangers on the street, that she writes Harry Potter fanfiction. My penname is AnneM. It used to be AnneM.Oliver (because I LOVED Oliver Twist growing up) but I sort of dropped the 'Oliver' years ago. I guess in a way I'm an old timer as far as fanfiction goes, having written my first story seven years ago. I mostly write Dramione, but I appreciate all sorts of pairings. I love to write romantic comedies where everyone lives happily ever after, and I also love romantic mysteries!

I used to write almost every day, sometimes posting chapters daily. Work, health and family take up a bit more times these days, so I've slowed down a bit.

I once took a test on line to see which Harry Potter Hogwart house I would belong to, and it put me in Hufflepuff - of which if you ask, I'll deny. Another time, one put me in Slytherin, which might be more accurate than Hufflepuff.

I only write for this site now, because for about a year I lost the joy and happiness I had often felt while writing and posting at multiple sites. The reasons for my ennui are vast and boring, and I still get weary of it all sometimes... but only because all I want to do is make people smile once in a while, but instead sometimes they growl, snarl and show their teeth. However, if they don't like my writing, they can always turn off the computer, right?

This has thus far been a wonderful community in which to belong, and I'm proud to be here. Now, let's hear from some more of you.
Life is hard enough with friends and impossible with enemies

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#3 | Posted: 20 Jan 2013 05:27 
I'm a nearly fifty mother of 3 who spends far too much time writing. I work in Harry Potter, Spuffy and Original Fiction. I love to cheer lead and brit pick, but am the dispair of any beta that has to look after me.

I post here and on my own site.

Real life has been a little unkind recently, but it is getting better so I have time to put fingers to keys again
elvara hrolfswiffe

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#4 | Posted: 20 Jan 2013 07:01 
Brilliant idea Tyche!

Hello, hola, I'm eterna-romantica03 or Elena. Half a century old plus a year, mother of three and I love to read! Romance is my weakness. After reading that horrendous epilogue in the Harry Potter series my frustration was such that my daughter couldn't stand my ranting anymore and introduced me to fanfiction, and the rest is history. If Pottermore is correct I'm a Hufflepuff and it suits me. Loyalty is very important in my life.

I read mostly Harry Potter fanfiction with small dosages of LOTR and Twilight. Hermione is my favourite character, followed by Harry and Luna. There is a WIP I've been writing for ages, fruit of my disappointment with the ending of the Harry Potter books. I tend to ramble when I write my reviews and more often than not my passion or enthusiasm for what I'm reading shows in my comments. I might be in Hufflepuff but my latin blood can't be denied

I came to this site because of AnneM, after reading in her profile she wasn't going to post in ffnet anymore. For the first time ever I can truly say that TMB is home. I can be myself and there'll be no judgement. Not only am I using the shoutbox almost every day but I'm reading stories both original and from different fandoms! There are authors in TMB that I wouldn't have known on my own and my experience is richer because of it. That's not all, I'm reading and enjoying Snape/Hermione fics! Now, that is sort of a miracle.

Home means you let your hair down, you come in, and people say hello, how was your day? You play, you talk, you share your frustrations, bad news and good news; you dare get out of your comfort zone because its members push and encourage you to do it, you leave for a while and when you come back you said to yourself "Thank God I'm back!" This is what TMB is to me. May it never change.


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#5 | Posted: 20 Jan 2013 08:18 
Worrywart here! Most of you know me...but for those who don't...I am a 'woman of a certain age' which means I know what hot flashes are and I know how to use them! I've got a husband and a son. Three cats. One snake. I am relatively new to fanfiction having discovered it only about three years ago. I spent one year reading rabidly and then stepped into the writing realm. This is where I've made some fabulous friendships and learned an awful lot about commas and semicolons! I publish exclusively on TMB and that other site....FF.

My OTP is SSHG. I've read others and am learning to like the Malfoy men, but it will always be Severus for me. Anyhoo...I love Monty Python, most things British, and food. I have a Pottermore account, but can't figure out how to navigate the site, so haven't been on in a while. Ditched my LJ account for the same reason. I am hopeless.

I have a collaboration with the talented Whisper_Gypsy as well. We are TheWanderingPotionsMistresses and are currently working on a tale that we hope you'll all enjoy.

Until then, here's wishing you all several furry kittehs to brighten your day!
A little of this, a little of that, a lot of confusion. That's my life!

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#6 | Posted: 20 Jan 2013 17:02 
Everyone makes me smile
Life is hard enough with friends and impossible with enemies

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#7 | Posted: 21 Jan 2013 21:20 
Hello, my darlings, Savva's here. I will be forty-three tomorrow, and I have two kids, a hubby, a dog, a cat and a parrot.

I was born in Riga (Latvia), and I am half-Russian and half-Latvian. I came to US seventeen years ago and currently live in NH. Well, I don’t know what else to say, really. Oh, I have a very weird profession: I am a meteorologist, a weather girl for short, lol. (Nothing glamorous about it actually.)

Fanfiction found me about two years ago, and I started my writing from a Severus&Hermione story. Since then, I wrote twenty-seven stories and sent them to almost every archive imaginable. I cannot say that Severus&Hermione are my OTP, though. I actually don't have an OTP. I write many different wizards: young, old and downright weird. It's my Latvian capriciousness in me, I guess.

Last year was a bit rough for me. Cancer sucks that’s all I can say.

I like this site and glad to be here.

Oh, I love to make banners.

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#8 | Posted: 24 Jan 2013 06:44 
Hi, I'm Andrea.. I've been around here for a while but tryto stay out of everyone's way, lol. Only piping up to say that I recently passed TMB's test to help out with betaing, so if anyone has something they want looked over, feel free to contact me. I think doing more betaing would help with my only writing, so.. *shrugs*

Nice to meet you all..

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#9 | Posted: 24 Jan 2013 20:50 
Nice to meet you Andrea. Many people need betas, so that's great and thanks for stopping by to introduce yourself!
Life is hard enough with friends and impossible with enemies


#10 | Posted: 25 Jan 2013 05:29 
I'm Sam, I live in the South-East of the UK.very close to Brighton.
I have one child (a lad), a black & white male cat called Draco Meowfoy.
Love reading, all things Harry Potter...(Lucius Malfoy being my favourite!)
enjoy lots of different things. can talk the hind leg of a donkey!
teller of corny jokes...
thank you for the kind welcomes.

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#11 | Posted: 25 Jan 2013 12:10 
Nice to meet you all! This is great! A new beta, congrats Andrea! And a meteorologist to blame for the lousy weather Teller of jokes, we need to laugh so keep them coming! One of my favourite Dramione authors whose trail I follow all the way here and new authors and now fandom friends who have broaden my tastes and lured out of my comfort zone. Great meeting you!

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#12 | Posted: 25 Jan 2013 14:08 
Hello All,

I am Suzanne and I write under the pen name stronghermione. I came across this site after reading a chapter of someone's (I want to say Worrywart, but I could be wrong) story, who said this was a new site and to check it out. I did, and the rest is history. I love the stories, the challenges and most of all the people on this site - everyone is so friendly and I've even formed a writing partnership with LadyStiff from here.

About me, I am Australian and live in Melbourne, Victoria but I am originally from Perth, Western Australia. I am in my (very) late thirties and married, no kids. I work in a fashion house as a stock allocator. We specialise in plus-size women's clothing, accessories and a small range of decorative homewares. The clothing is the main focus and keeps me very busy. We have two brands, both providing full wardrobe options in Summer and Winter. I used to play fast-pitch softball but have retired now because I got sick of all the aches and pains brought on from playing sport. I do participate in Master's Games every two years with my old team from Perth.

I came to fan fiction in 2008 after reading about it in a book and fell in love with it. A book-buying habit of $200 per month has dwindled to almost nothing since discovering fan fiction. All these fantastic stories and all free! I'm sure it's the only reason hubby doesn't complain about the amount of time I spend on the computer.

A confession - I once stayed up all night reading fan fiction and went to work the next day with zero sleep. Luckily my assistant covered for me being a zombie for the day and made sure I knew what was important, and what could be left until the next day.

Like Andrea, I recently passed the TMB beta test as well and am happy to beta for anyone who needs it. I have also Aussie-picked on occasion for people who are writing about Hermione coming to retrieve her parents. I have read some cringe-worthy accounts (none on this site) of various people from Wizarding Britain coming to Australia, and love to have the opportunity to provide a more realistic scenario for writers.
Should be writing...

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#13 | Posted: 2 Feb 2013 08:28 
Hello all, I'm LadyStiff.
I write and make banners, you know the usual thing. I don't have a OTP but I don't write Severus as I'm awful at keeping him in character and Ron, because, well... I just don't like him..
I'm also an awesome cheerleader so hit me up if you're ever in need of plot points refinement, though I suck at Beta-ing.
StrongHermione is a gem and we frequently send our stuff back and forth when we need some encouragement or all out flattery. She also helps me tremendously with my fics and we collaborate on some stuff together.
I'm twenty-three years old, from South Africa and a natural blonde (yes, i tend to have those moments too). I'm studying to be a pharmacist and wine is my friend and my muse. I also like chocolate, food and exercise.
I'm apparently a Gryffindor according to Pottermore, which I cannot for the life of me navigate. Besides Photoshop and a few other things, I'm not so good with computer stuff.
But now I'm beginning to ramble...
Has anyone else noticed that the symbol & looks like a man dragging his butt across the floor?

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#14 | Posted: 3 Feb 2013 13:27 
I can't figure out Pottermore either, but it sounds like you got farther than I did to be sorted!
A little of this, a little of that, a lot of confusion. That's my life!

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#15 | Posted: 9 Apr 2013 08:05 
Hello! Been around for a bit but forums confused me for a while until I got it to work.

I'm StitchWitch, usually sign reviews as Stitchy. I love reading stories (not a huge fluff person) and I try to remind myself to review what I read instead of reading and taking the authors for granted!

I'm a Ravenclaw according to Pottermore (which I agree, very annoying to navigate!) and my wand is 9 3/4 Maple with Dragon Core. I love cross-stitching and indulging in arts-crafts. I cosplay for anime conventions and I attend Sakura-Con in Seattle every year. I'm just a wee little 21 year old girl who lives with her boyfriend of two years. I've never hit 5 feet tall, and I doubt I'll ever weigh more than 85-90lbs unless I acquire a bun in the oven (not anytime soon, if all goes as planned).

I have a small puppy who's adorable and an outright dork. His name is Prince E.Wok and he's very probably a Shih Tzu-Brussels Griffon mix, or all Brussels. We don't know.

I'm always willing to help beta for others or just bounce ideas off of (but if you add me on Skype, please tell me who you are on TMB so I don't out-right deny the request). Stronghermione & ThornedHuntress are amazing and I definitely wouldn't have finished my last challenge without Suzanne.

And yes Stiff, & does look like either a man or a dog dragging their tush on the floor.
House: Ravenclaw
Wand: 9 3/4 Maple, with Dragon Core, Hard.
(according to Pottermore)

Skype: takisauce
(please include your TMB name and that you're from here if you add me)
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