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30/04/18 12:11:08
This website is being sold to a cat.
04/04/18 21:33:40
Hey Bookshelvians, what's up?
17/02/18 22:46:35
It's been way too long! How are you all doing? I miss this site so much! *Waves* and *Hugs* all of the Bookshelvians.
20/10/17 2:23:32
Hey there eterna-romantica03! *waves*
02/10/17 21:00:07
*Waving* I'm still around. Hi.
21/07/17 15:22:49
Hi, *waving* enjoying my summer vacation and you?
07/06/17 19:43:20
Hi,summer is finally here! More time, maybe to read?
17/04/17 17:59:50
Hey, how are you all doing? I just stopped to read for a while. Hope your Easter was a happy and relaxed one. Hugs to all and @HollowT92, welcome to the Shelf!
18/03/17 22:43:14
Hugs to all and love to all.
21/02/17 21:26:08
I still love TMB, miss it. Reading too many books and not enough fics, that's all but I plan to fix that.
21/02/17 21:24:08
Hello! Been away too long. How are you all doing? My donation is coming this week. Hugs
08/02/17 19:19:43 is sending bs messages and trying to be all scary lol
29/11/16 23:01:30
Merry almost Christmas! Just downloaded the TMB app on my new tablet!
12/11/16 18:53:23
Hello! It's been a long time. Santa is back! @GtheHeadmaster, hi and welcome. Now, back to reading.
09/11/16 17:47:37
Hello, childran. I am back.
20/10/16 19:50:15
Kittens are so damn kawaii.
15/09/16 11:42:01
@worrywart Uhh, you're welcome? I actually didn't do much (scratches head). But still in return, thank you for the acknowlegement. :) @eterna-romantica03 !!!. Oh.. Uhm... Er.. Have a great da
02/09/16 13:57:48
Hey Bookshelvians how is it going? Welcome @munchiedi, @Siguld and @noon. I tend to stop by and say hello as often as I can and of course to read. Have a great day!
31/08/16 7:43:41
Helllo, Folks
26/08/16 13:58:13
Sometimes, we just need a kick in the pants to motivate us. Thank you to munchiedi for doing just that. Hello bookshelvians!
25/08/16 4:30:49
Uhh.. Hello? I'm.. err.. nevermind. (hides at the dark corner)
15/08/16 8:42:52
@TycheSong *waving*
15/08/16 8:41:46
Good morning Bookshelvians! Hot, hot summer in Toronto. What are you all up to?
13/08/16 0:19:19
so finally changed my password. S,R is sooooo behind here. I should probably update it at some point.
14/07/16 16:19:45
@all Well hello there! Summer is here and so are my two months off which I am enjoying way too much. How are you all doing?
11/07/16 19:29:24
I need to mention this would ideally be the original G.E. staff to run it and do their rules, not TMB writers.
11/07/16 19:21:03
I was told that they never made a new Granger Enchanted website. Do you guys need one? I'm pretty sure I can do this free.
19/06/16 15:24:52
Should make a TMB!dark
19/06/16 15:23:58
People that want to upload or something. And where I come from everyone prefers video games and anime, and people say whatever they want. And all the stories would probably be half gay.
15/06/16 21:28:19
I say hello now and then. Read some. People, what kind of people? Why wouldn't we like them? Anyway,hello @crochetaway, welcome!
08/06/16 23:16:16
I am reading a story here right now, so that's something.
06/06/16 21:42:23
Do people know that it approves anything now? I turned the sweet potatoes back on though. Sweet potatoes = order.
04/06/16 13:08:35
Hello Bookshelvians! How is it going? Summer is around the corner. More time for reading. Hugs to all
26/05/16 17:24:08
@Fremione1665 It's never too late to welcome you, right? Hope you enjoy your stay.
12/05/16 22:38:14
It knew I deleted it .
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Featured Stories
A Silver and Gold Lining by AnneM MA
Story Completed! She was everyone’s golden girl. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. However, people weren’t always what they appeared to be on the outside. Sometimes there was more to them than even they realized, especially when you took in consideration ancient Nordic lore, romance and suspense. (Veela/Fantasy/Valkyrie)
A Girl Called Granger by AnneM M
Draco Malfoy stood in the lobby of a hotel and he heard a woman tell the desk clerk that her name was Granger. He once knew a girl named Granger. Could it be the same girl? Of course it is. What's more, he stole her room when she was late checking in. He might just give it back, and in the meantime, he might just give her his heart. (DRAMIONE)   (Banner by me)   First published 11/10/2007
Lily Potter's Biggest Secret by stronghermione MA
  Following a moment of passion, Lily Potter finds herself in a difficult situation.  She does her best to hide it.  What happens when nineteen years later, her biggest secret comes to light? Banner by the Fabulous LadyStiff Pairings - HG/DM; HP/GW.  Not for fans of Ron.  AU; Post-War; EWE?; OC; Mild OOC; Coarse Language; Sexual Situations.
A Very Special Election (French Version) by AnneM MA
Hermione et Drago briguent tous deux le poste de Ministre de la magie. Hermione pour faire la différence, Drago pour lui donner mal à la tête. Il se fiche de la politique alors pourquoi se présente-t-il et pourquoi cela l'énerve-t-elle autant? French Translation by LouFoca-Granger LINK TO ENGLISH VERSION -   First published 2/22/08
Through the Eyes of a Child by jamies_lady MA
When a child appears at Malfoy Manor, she changes histroy ....
Pink Roses by AnneM M
STORY FINISHED! Everyday a pink rose would appear on Hermione Granger's desk. She soon finds out there's more to the rose than meets the eye. She also finds out that it involves one of five men... all former Slytherins.
Un couple inattendu by AnneM T
Translation Author: fantasia-49 Original story by AnneM Ils étaient un couple inattendu. Il le savait, elle aussi. Tout le monde le savait. Cela n'avait aucune importance, ils étaient à peine amis, même peu probable. Il n'y avait pas d'affection, ni romance. Aucun des deux ne le voulait. Bon peut être que si. Rated: Fiction T - French - Romance/Humor - Draco M. & Hermione G.
A Regret to Belong (German Translation) by AnneM T
German translation of 'A Regret to Belong' - translated from AnneM's story by Lenle.
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