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Ladies and Gents of The Maple Bookshelf, I, TycheSong, challenge you
A one shot challenge to celebrate the beginnings of our lovely new home. To
get this challenge running, we need at least ten entrants, so I implore
you to give it a try!

The Parameters of the Challenge:

   - It must be a one-shot (that means ONE chapter). You may add and expand
   it into a chaptered story once the challenge is over, but it must be
   complete and able to stand individually in its original one chapter.
   - It must be between 500 and 10,000 words long.
   - It must be complete and submitted by July 31st-- Harry Potter's 32nd
   Birthday. This gives you a month, guys, plenty of time!

Choose a fandom, characters, and rating of your choice and use one of the
following prompts:

   1. "_____'s really hit the ground running!"
   2. "They grow up so fast, it's a wonder we don't notice sooner."
   3. "Look I know you can't always believe rumors, but you have an actual
   skeleton in your closet!!"
   4. "Oh, Stop it. You're not supposed to wallow on your birthday until
   you're at least 150."
   5. "Did you know you're holding a kitten?"
   6. "...and it exploded."

If you would like to sign up for this challenge, please e-mail your interest to with the subject heading "Off With a BANG."

  Happy Writing, All!

Amazing banners by the fabulous Roo!

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Hi, Jamie_lady here. It's that time of year again, when we are all busy and the site wants you as well. Grab a prompt and bash out 750 words, well at least 500. Fanfiction or original.. try something new.

  1. Holly and Ivy seemed the perfect names for the twins and now he had to find the kittens the perfect home(s)
  2. Giving Shelter to a stranger (or acquaintance) is a tradition of the holidays, but s/he didn't expect this.
  3. Christmas shopping should not be left til the last moment. Now he had to get it right
  4. He had been smelling that perfume all day and it was driving him crazy..It reminded him of his grandmother's home. One of the few places he had ever been happy.
  5. How does the carol go? Five Gold rings.


Contact us to get the entrant password. Include the title of your story, and your ID.

Must be completed by Dec. 31

Categories: Fanfiction, Original Characters: None

Send us a classic spooky tale of Halloween. You know, back then when it took place at night, you could go up to houses, it was mostly kids doing the asking for treats, and costumes were not sexy. Bonus points if you mention the Cryptkeeper.



Must be about Halloween or related autumn fests. 

Must be finished by Oct. 25

Needn't be very spooky but must involve prompt.

You can change up prompts or implement more than one prompt.

No rules on category or rating.


To enter : Send us an email telling us the title of your entry. 

Once you get the password, upload it under that account. 


 1. 'But what ever could possess a man of knowledge to take up notions of ghosts and goblins ?'
2. During the Salem witch hunts, a young child is determined to save this black cat.
3. All of us were busy with our autumnal festivities -- all of us that is except for him. He just wouldn't stop guarding that pumpkin.
4. My parents said it was just a costume or decorations. It was not. I know that what I saw out there was real.
5. My older brother was always dragging us younger kids on his adventures, teasing us relentlessly if we got scared. But this Halloween, we never should've followed him there .


The winner gets a thing, it is yet to be determined.

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Omg haiiiiiiii !!!11!!!1!!11


January is the month of borings. Plants are dormant, the candy is eaten, and the cold does things to my lumbago. Horrid things. Also everyone works too much nowadays in December, and they spew cranky. So lighten up and write me a tale of frivolous amusement.


500 words +

Email for the entry keys.

Bonus of love if you do a fandom I've actually known.



1. You purchase a painting of a Victorian man at an auction. One night as you get up you notice that the man in the painting is gone.

2. The mirror doesn't lie. Unfortunately neither do my friends.

3. The crazy old bat claimed that she could speak to 'them'. Poppycock. Poppycock and rot, that's what it was. But I had my reasons for coming.

4. It wasn't the first time I'd caught him wearing her undergarments. And hopefully it wouldn’t be the last.

5. The kitten fled, strawberry-scented double rainbows trailing all the way. It fell into a plot-hole, then was surrounded. 'All of your base are belong to us.'

6. Don't go out. Clowns are on the prowl.

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Upload to a new fandom / category (one with no other uploads in it) and get a shiny silver kitten badge.   Upload the most, get a silver kitty and rainbow kitty.   Let the admin know if you're uploading for it.

Can be a new story or not, but must be up to standard.  Any original story with new characters, nonfiction in a new subcategory, ebook listings, musings, and graphic novels for new fandoms can all earn silver kittens too. If you're unsure if your upload is going to fit, ask us.

Silver kitten badges are said " to yield great power just like their golden brethren, such as being able to allow one to devour 100 additional calories in the summer months without gaining pounds, or helping writers to hold shinies in higher-than-normal shiny regard."

Categories: Fanfiction, Original , Poetry, Nonfiction, Graphic Novel, Satire, ebooks Characters: None


 Grannie says that da Frialing is when you drink the yucky weeds that make toxins come out from stale winter. 

The prompts are the toxins of my mind. 

See, that's what you get when you don't send prompts. 

If you want to enter you send us an email to get the password.

500 words or even moar {#emotions_dlg.shame}



1. Everyone is shocked when the biggest loser in the town is asked out by the prince/ss - including their secret crush.


2. I dressed up as the opposite gender to sneak in, then I was attacked by birds.


3. The pie was cooling on the windowsill, as pies do. All I needed to do was sneak over.


4. The hideous one asks the magic mirror for sexieness, then gets a makeover and learns manners. But after one day they now have terrible B.O. that doesn't ever go away.


5. I chased the kitten as far as I could, over the hills, into the valley.


6. Romance is stupid. No, I'm not a tsundere. Seriously go away or I'mma cut you.


7. He finally was in the reality tv program - the town gathered in pride to watch the event air. But rather than being their pride and joy, he was portrayed in a very different light.

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 Grannie says that da Frialing is when you drink the yucky weeds that make toxins come out from stale winter. 

The prompts are the toxins of my mind.



Rules :

Over 500 words.

Rules relaxed a bit to coax you into joining, but story must be at least coherent.

The winner is to be determined by points.  AnneM is doing the prize of a one-shot, and if she wins the second place contestant gets the prize. 

You enter by emailing us to get the secret password.  Contact us

 Due April 15


Points can be earned the following ways :

3 points for first place in the votes (2 and 1 respectively)

1 point per prompt included

1 point if you comment on other entrants, 1 per story

1 point for mentioning cats

3 points if you include obscure botanical knowledge




Alas, with any luck, this herbal remedy would replace the vile little blue pill forever.  Little did he know the side effects in store ...

A mottled kitten trotted down the cobblestone lane, on its way to Bakery.

Plant hunter?  That's not a real job.  You're saying you're broke, am I correct, sir? 

Grannie's homemade perfume didn't just smell vile, it had a secret hidden power - an odour so utterly alluring and intoxicating on a subconscious biochemical level that it never ceased to attract them.

Mary Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?   According to our experts, not very well.  The high nitrogen content found in young maidens used as fertilizer would certainly contribute to bushier foliage, but few blooms and fruits.

Grow, damn it. 

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Happy Birthday, Tyche! Challenge

Ladies and Gents (and Other) of The Maple Bookshelf, I, TycheSong, challenge you thusly:
It’s my birthday today (01 January 2013). So I challenge you to write either
1) a rare-pair from Harry Potter, or
2) any pairing at all from one of my other favourite fandoms!

The Parameters of the Challenge:

-The story must be completed by 31 January, 2013. You are, as always, free to add to it afterwards or write a sequel, but the entry must readable as a complete story by the end of the month.
- The story must be at least 1,000 words, and can be as long as you like!
- The story must be from one of the following fandoms: Firefly, Dr. Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Labyrinth, Veronica Mars or Harry Potter. If you have another fandom in mind, don't hesitate to run it by me, chances are, I'll say yes despite this silly rule.
- Special gold star if you write a fandom new to you or a crossover!
- Should you choose to write in the Harry Potter ’Verse, it must be a rare-pair. Furthermore, Pansy Parkinson and Lord Voldemort do not get to have speaking roles. Because it’s my birthday and I say so.
- You do not have to officially sign up, just join in, and let an admin know that you want your finished story added to the challenge.
-Pick a prompt, any prompt, and away you go!

The Challenge Prompts:
(You do not have to follow them exactly)

1) She barely heard the crowd around them counting down as they kissed.
2) “I don’t care if you are only twenty-eight. You have five cats. I’m saving you from spinsterhood.”
3) “Give me that. Champagne is not a food group.”
4) He loved the song Auld Lang Syne; it always felt like coming home.
5) “I don’t care if it was wrong. You were perfect; we were perfect. It didn’t matter if we weren’t supposed to be.”
6) It was a beautiful disaster in the way that only weddings really can be.

Banner brought to you by the marvelous SusanMarieR.


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Tyche's Monthly Challenge: ...It's Hot in Here!
(A Team Challenge For Both Writers and Artists)

Ladies and Gents (and Other) of The Maple Bookshelf, I, TycheSong, challenge you thusly:
Write a fic in conjunction with at least one other writer, and and/or artist! The more who enter the merrier, and more exciting the fics will be!

The Parameters of the Challenge

- You MUST sign up by 14 August 2012. On the fifteenth, you will receive your teammate's names/e-mails and may begin. If you do not sign up in time, I cannot guarantee that there will be a spot for you!
- You will be teamed up based on the fandom you specify. These ARE your teammates, and that is part of the challenge; so no swapping and trading behind the scenes.
- This Challenge will be anonymous until after the voting, so once you get your teammates names/emails and story idea, mums the word! (obvious exceptions include your betas)
- Once you have your teammate's e-mails, you have until 31 August to write a story collaboratively. You can each have a different character POV, trade off chapters, or combine author efforts in anyway you like, but the deadline is the end of the month, and your story must be complete at that time. :-)
- Once you have completed your story, you may post it under your team's account (you will receive your password and account name along with your other team information on the fifteenth).
- You MAY sign up twice, once as a writer and once as an artist. If you do so, you will be assigned to two separate teams.

The Challenge Prompts:
You may quote these directly or merely use them to inspire, as you prefer.
1. "We become sad in the first place because we have nothing to do." (Hermon Melville)
2. "Holding her breath, she hid in the closet, and desperately hoped that just this once fate would cut her a break."
3. "A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn no other way." (Mark Twain)
4. "He knew the kiss would ruin absolutely everything, but he couldn't seem to help himself."
5. "Common sense is not so common." (Voltaire)
6.  "I did join the dark side, and would you know it? They weren't lying about the cookies. ______ is an amazing pastry chef."

To Enter:
Please fill out the below form and e-mail to either or

My TMB ScreenName:
My Email: (That I don't mind my teammates having)
I wish to enter as: (Writer or Artist?)
My Preferred Fandom:

Team Banners by the incredible SusanMarieR!!


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Tyche's Monthly Challenge: Oktoberfest!

Ladies and Gents (and Other) of The Maple Bookshelf, I, TycheSong, challenge you thusly:
In honour of our esteemed fearless leader, the closing of the Northern Hemisphere’s summer months, and the anniversary of King Ludwig I marriage to Princess Therese in 1810…write a story that takes place during Munich’s famed Wiesn (“Oktoberfest”).

The Parameters of the Challenge

- The story must be at least 1000 words, and can be as long as you like.
- This challenge story can be fan-fic OR original!
- It MUST be a completed and posted story by 30 September. You are, as always, free to add to it after or write sequels, but the story must be readable as a complete work by the due date.
- We are, once again, attempting to keep the stories anonymous. To this end I ask that you please inform me of your participation so that I can send you the correct information that you need to post.

The Challenge Prompts:

1. “Wait a moment…You’re still not drunk yet? It’s four-o-clock. What have you been doing all day?”
2. “I am not dressing up in lederhosen. Not for the parade, not for pictures, not even for you. Well...maybe for you. You have to say please, though.”
3. “Why do you always like me when you’ve been drinking, and then turn back into a harpy when you’re not?”
4. “You’re a doctor? But…I thought you were a bartender...”
5. “That’s not her cat, actually. It’s the Märzen. It always makes _______ think (s)he knows how to yodel…”
6. “Wiesn, not Wien! Idiot. That’s a city. In Austria. Where did you say you are you from?”

To sign up or if you have any questions, please e-mail me at or with the subject heading “September Challenge.” Don’t forget to include your TMB screen name, otherwise I may not recognize you! Happy writing!

Official banner for you to use brought to you by the talented and lovely Savva!

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